Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday Afternoons

Jonathan recently brought home a note from the school saying he needs glasses. So, at church Sunday I decided to test the school's findings. We were sitting in the overflow behind the regular pews in the chapel, and I asked him to tell me the page # for the first hymn on the marquee at the front of the chapel. He squinted, and lifted his hand to his eyes, and was about to walk closer to see it when I stopped him and said, "You need glasses."

"No I don't," he replied. "I'm just too far away to read it."

He then grabbed a hymn book and said, "See? That says 'Hymns' upside-down!"

So that explains why he keeps bumping into walls and things...

Later he told me that he used to want to be a fireman when he grows up, but has changed his mind to be a doctor, "Cuz they make more money!" (If only he followed politics...)

Here is a recent Sunday drive, inspired by Jon and Heidi Mae and family. Ours are nowhere near as picturesque.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Soccer, life and the whole shabang

Well, I do not know where to start. Soccer has begun and tonight was Caleb's third game. He is a really awesome kid and really plays hard. I have just come to the conclusion that I should probably never be the coach for a little kid team. I am just too aggressive, too angry, too in their face and probably not focused enough on the play to have fun aspect. Oh, I always include that in the mom's coaching advice, but you should have seen me tonight. I was on one. I just gave up on the real coach showing any sort of gumption and ran out there myself to give the team some oomph! And Caleb heard it from me a few times there. I will give it to him, he was a trooper and did not get all whiny on me or mopey; he took the advice, said OK and went back to the game and stayed with it. I was so proud of our goalie, Jordan, she made some great saves. And the team really hung in there, I just wish they were more aggressive and chased after that ball harder. Poor Caleb, the earful he gets from me is crazy. At least I think I know what I am talking about, hopefully it is good soccer advice.
Oh, and lets not forget about my other two cute boys. They are troopers as well. They end up going to the games (Rob does not come on Wednesdays) and then they are neglected while I cheer on/scream after Caleb's team. They watch me scream my lungs out trying to encourage these kids to get out there and do it. And then they go off and play on their own because they realize that mom is too busy freaking out about a bunch of 6 year olds. I know, I should really find a better cause! Anyway, to let my two youngest boys woes be heard- poor Peter, as I was watching the game he was booting his soccer ball around. All of a sudden I heard his screams of TERROR and I looked over to find him being chased around by a teeny tiny dog. The dog just thought Peter was playing a fun game of chase with him and kept running after him and Peter did not understand if he just stopped running the dog would stop following. He was so scared and crying and I felt so bad. Peter soon recovered and followed after William as he was playing with a soccer ball as well. Then there is William's sad story. He has had an upset tummy for a while so I have been watching his diapers close. However, me being the aggressive soccer mom that I am and not focused on her other two children I neglected to monitor Willy's bottom. You can all guess it, we got home to a very sad and sore Willy and he could barely sit down. Super Mom I am not!
But lets not end this post on a bad note. I took Caleb out to get an ice cream cone after the game because the one goal his team scored Caleb made the assist! I was very happy with him and wanted him to feel good about it. Caleb was excited too as he was recounting how it all played out. I told him if he ever makes the goal himself, he gets the big size cone. My kids are awesome, they have to put up with crazy me. And my Rob, he is awesome too. He takes his last test tomorrow, lets all hope he passes and gets his license soon.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Yay! Bowling night for FHE! Spencer's first time. You'll notice how thrilled he is about in the last couple of pictures...

Yeah, that's not his happy face.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Homework woes!!!!!

HELP ME!!!!!!! It is only the second week of school and already I am pulling teeth to get this boy to do simple first grade homework. I'm sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. And I still do not feel better about it. :) Oh well, we shall go on with life and I will continue to be the most horrible, mean, hated mom in the whole world; but only during those precious H...O...U....R....S of homework. Other than that, school is great for Caleb, Peter is going along with life and Caleb starts soccer on Wednesday. Love you all!