Monday, March 18, 2013

Another gratitude check

This is what I am less than grateful for.  Thankful that my boys were playing while I tidied the kitchen, not thankful that they left the explosion for me to nag about.  I guess it could be worse, huh?
 This however I am grateful for.  I walked into the boys' room to find this sweet scene.  Peter is playing on his christmas present and the other two are joining in.  The fact that Haley is snuggled up is too cute for words.  Gotta love these small moments.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What I am grateful for...right now

For the past two hours I have had a moment or two to think about what I am thankful for, what I appreciate about my life.

  • Top of the list- peaceful, quite moments
  • I am thankful that Rob has a job
  • I appreciate a nice soft couch that you can curl up on and be cozy and warm
  • A nice pillow to lay your head on and feel comfortable enough to sleep
  • And the absolute most important things I am thankful for, right now, are Caleb, Peter and William.  Oh those boys are wonderful and awesome and terrific!  For the past two hours they have slept soundly while their sister has screamed.  I cannot handle this girl thing, but I can handle the boy thing.  I love them.  For the past month they have been the best little guys ever.  Caleb has helped Peter and William at bedtime by reading to them and then they have all sweetly gone to sleep while I help Haley go to sleep.  They have played nicely together, done good with school, and generally been helpful around the house.  They are my smiles right now.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One of those rare moments

Fresh from the bath, hair pretty and curly, all done without too many tears.  This is Haley with her beautiful hair, that she rarely lets me comb.  She will always give you a sweet little smile, look at you with those beautiful blue eyes, even give you a hug out of the blue.  But letting someone get her hair ready is not her cup of tea.  But in this picture you have the whole package, she is one pretty little girl.

Celebrating Peter

This kid is so awesome!  We just had parent teacher conference with Peter's teachers and he is doing great!  He is above level on reading and math and basically everything.  The most fun part of the meeting was when Peter got to come in and show off his Spanish skills.  Senor Boud would ask him different things in Spanish and Peter would respond in Spainish.  Senor Boud seemed very pleased with Peter and his desire and excitement in speaking Spanish.  It was fun to watch him interact with his teacher.  And Peter definitely understands what he is learning in school and wants to learn even more.  Such an awesome kid.  After he went back to class I went to blow him a kiss before leaving to come home.  He ran after me in the hall, with tears in his eyes, telling me that he wanted to be with me longer and that he wanted me to stay.  Such a sweet little boy and so dear to my heart.
So, we came home from school and served Peter some of his favorite food.  Then he requested that we watch Rudy, one of his most favorite movies of all times.  Now you know why he loves football so much.  It must be noted that my children have never watched the full movie, only the last 30 minutes which is the best part of the movie in our opinion.  By the end of the movie Haley was the only one with dry eyes.  Yes, all three boys and mom were teary and talking about working hard and wishes and success.  It was awesome!
Now we are going to build a fire in the fireplace, one of the things Peter loves.  He loves to play Harry Potter, with his glasses and wand, and watch the magic of the fire.
We are so proud of him, of all that he has learned and how hard he has been working to get so far in school.  Bien hecho, Peter!!!