Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Rainy Birthday Emily!

Spencer is now tall enough and strong enough to turn doorknobs on interior doors and open them. We bought the childproof stuff recently. You know, the doorknob covers that spin around so toddlers can't open doors. Spencer loved them! He thought they were a new game. He would run from door to door spinning the covers around. We put them on the doors we wanted Spencer to stay out of. Lasted all of 1o minutes. I walked in one of the rooms that I had just put a doorknob cover on, now a mess of course. Spencer had figured out how to take it apart. 10 minutes.

He is a lot like Jonah, in that a lot of his speech is gibberish. He does have a few words in his vocabulary though. He'll yell "MOM" about 4 times as loud as his speaking voice, then deliver to her a sentence of pure garbled Spencerspeak. Goggy for doggy, oo-oo for woof-woof, Non for Jon, oo-er for Pooh Bear, yaysh for yes, WHOOOOOAAAAAA! for NO!, high for light, hey-whoa for hello when speaking on the phone, hai for hi, bye-bye for bye-bye, gay-ku for thank you, peaze for please, awhn for on (but with a gutteral n), aw for off, and so on.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jonah Baptism

We missed those of you who couldn't be with us