Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sticking to his goal

 Yup. At the beginning of the year he decided that he wanted to ride his bike to school everyday. A month ago he mentioned that he had not missed a day.  And today, even though it was lightly snowing, he bundled up and ventured out.  To keep his goal of everyday.
 He left minutes before the blizzard hit.  Brave kid.  Poor kid.  Determined kid.
This photo does it no justice, but the visibility was getting worse and worse.  Thankfully I think that Caleb made it to school before the worse hit.  His ride home should be a grand adventure.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Hero for today

This sweet boy made my morning go from yuck to wonderful.  Lets just say that Haley (and thus, mom) had a really rough night.  So, Diedre accidentally slept in, till 7:14am.  Well, the boys needed to be up, lunches made, all the like.  ACK!  I rushed into the boys' room to wake them up.  I noticed that my early-bird Peter was already out of bed.  I ran downstairs to get started on lunches, when what do I find?
This boy, my hero and helper.  He had already lined up everyones backpack, shoes and jackets.  And he was just wrapping up packing all the lunches!!!!  And these were healthy lunches, something I would have given them. Yes, that is right.  He woke up before anyone, got ready and when he saw that the school stuff was not prepared he served me and did it all.  Oh was a blessing he is.  I am so thankful for all my boys, but especially Peter today.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter: Thoughts of Jesus, Full Tummies, Happy Kids, Tired Parents

Yes. that time of year came around an the Gray Easter Egg Hunt was held.
 Look at the anticipation on their faces!
 I have no idea how many eggs we have.  LOTS!  But it still never seems like enough when you try to fill up the yard.  Caleb showed no mercy.  He did all Grays proud at this hunt.
 Haley cleaned house with her collection of pink eggs.  She did manage to get a few blue and purple too.
 The Golden Egg!
 See what I mean?  No mercy.  He cleaned up in the egg hunt.
Peter fared well also.  He came in second.
The kids had a blast gathering eggs and then playing together afterwards.  And even with all of the fun, and mess, and running around that was done, we were able to feel the spirit of conference, feel the love of family and remember the love of our Savior.