Monday, October 18, 2010

Bili-bed rock stars!

This cute Haley girl wants you all to know she is happily bili-bed free! Yeah! She is the cutest thing ever. I have always loved watching a new baby sleep because they look so peaceful and precious. Watching a baby on the bili-bed is a little different because of the whole mask thing, but they are still cute. But now that she is off the bili-bed, why that makes things so nice. She does not have to sleep with that silly mask, she can stay up longer (much to the happiness of Peter), and she can wear the clothes that people have so generously given to her. It is awesome! Her bili-ruben levels were at a 12.7 on Friday and 8.8 today so they gave her the key to freedom. I must say I am proud of us for how good we are at the bili-bed routine. Goodbye blue glow, hello Haley girl!
Oh, and if anyone is curious about how this beautiful girl came into the world, it was fast and tiring! We got to the hospital in the morning, got the penicillin, then they broke my water, gave me pitocin (sp?) at 10:30ish, by 11:45 I was ready to go. They were frantically pumping me with the second dose of penicillin as I was pushing and she was here by 12:08 p.m. I must say, I am so glad that I do not have long labors. Whew, it was fast and I felt so tired afterward. Rob was amazing and I am so glad he was there with me. I am also glad that my doctor made it just in time and I am so glad that she is a healthy girl. We love her and love her beautiful eyes, cute little mouth, awesome hair, and sweet little smiles.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Haley Gray

Here are a few pictures of our new little Haley, born Tuesday at 12:08 pm, weighing in at 7 pounds 2 ounces, and stretching 18 1/2 inches left to right. We love Haley!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We Love this Beautiful Girl!


So here's just another cute picture and video of Rachel. We love her THIS much! Is it really hard to see why?

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A pretty much perfect day

Yesterday, Saturday, was a great day for our family. I just wanted to have some way of remembering it, for those days in the very near future when my three boys may seem discontent with their life. It started with going to soccer and cheering our hearts out. Peter did great! At times he seemed less than excited but he was there for his team the whole way and wanted to do his best. He is such a great sportsman. Caleb's game was terrific! It was the last of the season and the best. The team we played was super good but we also played fantastically. Caleb started off as goalie, allowed 2 goals but also made some terrific saves. He also knows how to kick that ball out of the area when the time comes and did good at getting it past all of the reds. Then for the second half he was at defense and he is so super good for his team. OH, he makes me proud and the games go by so fast because there is such great action and playing. Caleb made some awesome saves for the team. I mean seriously, he was right there where the action was and really did great.

Give credit to Rob for these amazing shots! I was cheering my heart out while the plays were happening. I mean seriously, isn't this kid awesome!?! Look at that face, look at the way he was ready to go at it for his team. His heart was in it my friends and it was so cool. The final score was 4-3, the other team won by a goal. A bit disappointing but the game was so good, you could not be unhappy with anyone who gave their heart out there. Plus, once the boys received their trophies, which light up may we add, that made them a bit happier.
But the day did not end there. The younger two came home for a nap, we broke out the Nutella and had some yummy bread with that and then we went swimming in the evening. The pool was basically empty so it was fun to play together and swim. Caleb enjoyed going down the slide and playing tag with Rob. Caleb and Peter had a blast splashing with Rob and even got me in on the action with sneak attacking him. William loved jumping off the edge with Peter and playing water football with Peter. The boys LOVE going swimming so we wanted to go one more time before little baby comes. It was so fun, and the water did not seem all that cold. We all walked away saying how much fun the day had been. What a great feeling! These boys are awesome, all of them including Rob. I will miss being able to be with them this much in the coming months, but little baby will add something to the family. I know. Two more days to get ready. But until then I have one more fun thing planned for these guys. On Monday night we are going to have a blue dinner for my boys. Blue rolls, blue mashed potatoes, blue drink, blue jello, plates, cups, utensils, blue balloons..... I hope they will like it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


That is what I am. Why, you ask? Because this little boy

Mr. Soccer dude, has had his game canceled for tonight. RRRRRRRRRR! Why? Oh, it rained like 2 hours ago and now it is windy with some chill in the air. But who cares I say? On Monday Caleb played in the same conditions and it was so windy at the game but they did not cancel. Plus, Peter's game is in 2 hours, things could totally change and be fine. We can bundle up, people! My kid is tough, 4 year olds can handle this! Plus, we have played in the snow before, why not some wind. Do they cancel football for a little rain and wind? NO! They play in blizzards! Oh, and you ask when did they reschedule the game for? Next Wednesday! That is a major problem since I will be in the hospital with a newborn. UGH, I do not want to miss Peter's last game! I know, you are all going to tell me that there is plenty of soccer in our future but that does not matter! I want to be there now. But I will have to resign myself to the fact that the game was canceled and just hope that they are wise enough to play on Saturday so that I can be there for one more game before the season is over for me.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rachel on a Swing

Between sessions of Conference on Sunday, we decided to take a drive out to Chagrin Falls (my favorite town AND home of the one and only Bill Watterson (author of Calvin & Hobbes). It was pretty chilly but we went for a walk anyway and let Rachel try the swing. She's a little camera shy once she sees a camera.

Mommy Circus is in Town

Another Sneeze Please!!!

Tickle Monster

Lucky for us Rachel is ticklish...kinda unlucky for her, cause she's gonna suffer from it the rest of her life!

Lip smakin' good