Friday, January 20, 2012

My 3 favorite sounds

It is official! I have determined my three favorite sounds (at the age of 35). I know, things could change. There are a lot of sounds out there that I like. The sound of a working fridge, a working truck engine, kids jumping into a lake, my kids singing a song to themselves, the crackle of a fire. Those are all good sounds. But as I was feeding Haley today I decided on my top three.
  1. The sound of my children happily playing together
  2. Peace and Quiet
  3. The sound of the doorknob turning which tells me Rob is home from work
Kids happily sharing and playing together; with laughter, talking, creative imaginations coming together, and them being content (what brought them together? The ever wonderful LEGOS). Beautiful!
The Peace and Quiet of my home when we are reading a story together or when it is nap time or when all are asleep. It is relaxing.
And how could I not like the sound of knowing that Rob is home to be with us. To help us - yes, but also knowing that he can just hang out and hopefully enjoy the time too.

My house has been full of these sounds yesterday and today. It is nice.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finally some snow

We finally received some snow that the boys could actually go out and play in. Peter and William were very excited to practice quiditch (sp?). Harry Potter is very exciting for them right now. They got all bundled up, got their "broomsticks" and they were off.
It was fun to watch. Caleb loves reading HP, playing HP lego, but not so much playing real HP. So, Caleb got bundled up and chose to shovel the sidewalks. What a cool kid.
But since the snow was not very good packing snow the kids stayed inside to paint their snowmen. It was a fun project for all. I even let Haley get in on the painting action and she loved it! And I must say hers turned out very cool.
Stay tuned for the update on Caleb's roller coaster third grade year. I am waiting at least until next week to make sure this teacher sticks. Have an awesome week!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Random cuteness

Well, it is supposed to snow today. We will see if we get anything worthy of playing in. Until that time comes I wanted to share my two youngest and their cute ways. First, William. He is a sunbeam in primary now and he loves it. There are only 5 sunbeams (4 active) and William and his friend Carter are the most well behaved little boys. The other two sunbeams are crazy and will not sit still, they cry and get taken out all the time. But my Willy B. is the best. And he loves it!
Now for Haley. It is impossible to get a decent picture of this girl.
She will not hold still. But I have to remember her learning to blow kisses. It is so sweet. She will only do it when she wants to and only to people she really trusts. But it is adorable!
I love her. She is S L O W L Y starting to eat more big people food which is nice. And her favorite thing to eat by far is chocolate. She loves music and dancing and reading books and splashing in baths, hers or her brother's.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Phooey on no snow!

This winter has really been different with no snow. No snowmen, no snow forts (boo!), no snow ball fights, no neighbor's driveways to shovel, nothing! Not even a white Christmas! We are not in Hawaii, we are in Utah! But that does not stop the Grays. Today we got a mere 2 inches of snow and you better believe we made snow ice-cream. The boys would not be deterred.
We hope that more snow will come. We have too many pairs of unused gloves and marshmallows to swim in hot chocolate. But until the real snow storm comes we will eat our snow ice cream today and love it.