Sunday, July 24, 2016

Keeping busy with fun

Our camera has gone missing, so we have to deal with terrible phone pictures and a couple taking from the scout leader's phone.  But there has been no shortage of fun around here.  We have done soccer (gearing up for the tournament) and Scofield.  Trying to squeeze in as much summer as possible before the dreaded alarm clock is resurrected. 
 We enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL day at the lake. There was hardly any wind, a little too much sun and plenty of fun in the water.
 The kids spotted a deer eating it's breakfast not too far from our cabin.  So, they had their breakfast, outside with the deer.  Good times.
Then we all had a snack on the dock.  Soaking in more rays and getting more clothes wet.
Peter found a dragonfly nymph in the lake and decided to "study" it for a while.  We made up a habitat for the nymph, collected lake water for it, plants and a couple rocks to make it as natural as possible.  We even ended up collecting another nymph (in a different stage) while we were gathering the water.  It was cool to watch swim around and Peter was excited.  But then, at one point we found it lying at the bottom, motionless.  We quickly rescued it, laid it on a rock and revived it.  What I will not do for these kids so they are happy and having fun.
 Peter's scout troop took a hike up to Stewart Falls.  The rest of us tagged along and it was a fun trip.
 We made it to the falls, refreshed our feet in the cool water and the boys got wet in the falls.  Then we headed back to the truck, which was a little more challenging.  Haley was TIRED, and that made mom tired by helping her out.  But the day ended well and another scout requirement earned!

Other adventures....  Swimming in the Murray outdoor pool.        
                             We saw a MOOSE on our way to Scofield.  In the wild!!!!!  SO FREAKING COOL!  We watched it for a good 40 minutes.  Run, go to a pond, drink water, wade in then wade out.  So much fun.
                               We saw a BEAR on our way to Scofield.  In the wild!!!!!!!  I love it!!!!!!
                                I introduced the kids to English Chips.  So tasty!  Peter of course would not try them, but everyone else loved them.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Birthday Time!!! 13

I am pretty sure there is no other place Caleb would want to spend his birthday.  The Cabin has been home to his birthday celebrations since he started life.  And it did not disappoint.  WAIT.... there was one disappointing feature to the week.....the fireworks.  Or shall I say, the lack of fireworks.  The kids were all so excited.  They even decided to go out on their kayaks to watch the fireworks from the water.  But after being out there for a good 40 minutes and realizing that the fireworks were not happening... they came back in.  Cold, bored, frustrated and unhappy.  Seems as if the stupid truck carrying the fireworks got in an accident and arrived in Scofield at like 9pm.  SO, instead of waiting until a different night; they set up the fireworks on the island and they went off at MIDNIGHT! Lame move!
 The kids took advantage of lake time and had loads of fun.  So much so, that I think a couple of them ran out of clean/dry clothes before the week was over.
 We of course did the Scofield parade, gathered up the candy, got squirted by the water people and enjoyed a refreshing snowie while we waited.  Even got complimented on their 4th of July tie-dye shirts. 
 As always, took a visit to the rock wall and Caleb and William made it to the top successfully!
 A little hike was needed on a  windy day.  While Rob hung back with Haley as she wacked at random bugs and rocks with a stick..... Caleb forged ahead.
 Near the top of our hike (before we went back down with the rest).  Caleb loves to hike and explore, and Peter loves a silly face.
 The day before Caleb's birthday we took a trip to Manti, so that he could do some baptisms.  Along the way we were greeted by some deer, pot guts and this beautiful eagle.  So amazing to see nature in her glory.
 The Manti Temple.
 Temple Time Treat.  We made a stop off at Rob's family tradition, donuts.  Then we headed to my youth-days tradition, the Malt Shop. It was yummy.
 The day of, Happy Birthday Boo!  They had a yummy birthday breakfast.  Played together by wacking weeds with sticks and trying to avoid the ticks.
He received a fun fish ball toy that shoots out the ball (affectionally named Bubbles). We went and did a pretty art project, and shooed away all the flies and bugs that were swarming while they painted.
 Lake time was a must. They jumped in, got wet, they were even able to play on a friend's huge blow up slide and trampoline.  They also took some time on the kayaks that Grandpa Terry gave them.  It was fun.
 After a "delicious" birthday dinner of country fried steak and chocolate poke cake for dessert, we shot off alka-seltzer rockets!
 Sheesh, this was a full day....after the rockets we went on an adventure drive.  Where in all we saw 31 deer, 5 of which were bucks.  We also saw one porcupine, which Haley titled "Caleb's birthday porcupine!" Since we have never seen one before in the wild, they were all pretty excited.  
After all that you would think it was time for bed, but not yet.  We had one more thing on the list.  After getting ready for bed, we got back in the truck to go star gazing.  It was a beautiful night for it.  There was no moon and the sky was filled with thousands of stars!  We saw the Milky Way, what we think was a planet, and thousands of other stars.  A terrific birthday, for one amazing boy!

Silly Moments

Oh these two..... They should really get along better, but there are times when they can be happy together.  And this was one.  I was trying to pack for the cabin, and I needed some time.  But they were going crazy and getting bored.  So, I set them up with the camera and told them to find pretty flowers down the street and take silly pictures with the flowers.  Well, they found the flowers, but what they captured in the photos was even better.  Peter is a classic goof-off in photos.  And it appears that Haley is pretty good too.