Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas celebrations

Who says you have to celebrate only on the day itself?  The season is so fun when you spread the joy out all month long.
 We got a couple of good snow storms before Christmas and we were able to build a fort, have a good snowball fight (Caleb and Parent only participated) and we got some good sized icicles.
 Haley finally enjoys nursery (the last month of the year she got an awesome teacher and now loves it), better late than never.  She really enjoyed the present she got of bubbles.
 Yes, they do love each other every now and then.  This is Christmas Eve.
 We found a very cool house this year.  The decorations included a fire breathing sea monster, dinosaurs and a light up pig.  Oh, and they even had seals popping up out of the bush with a ball on the nose.  Not your typical santa and his reindeer here, people.
 Haley saw this snowman decoration and called it a robot.  So cute.  And of course Caleb needed a picture with it.
 Caleb always being inventive started sledding down this hill with no snow.  They had a pretty good time with it.
 Two of the loved Christmas presents this year.
This is a shot from Christmas Eve.  Caleb did a great job with Silent Night on the violin.  Seeing as how he only really practiced for 2 and a half days it was a pretty good job.  Peter also did great with his "Fiesta de la Posada (Party at the Inn)"song.  People were happy, for the most part.  They had fun with surprise presents, playing in the snow, time off from school and eating more sugar than real food for a good 3 days in a row.  

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas lunch Day 5

We went with a nativity theme today, plus the pringles because heck the boys like them.  I was rather proud of myself for thinking to put the animal cracker cookies in.
 So, this is what the boys ate at school.
But this is what they saw when they opened up the lunch bag...all wrapped up and ready for Christmas break to begin.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Its SNOWING!!!!!! and Christmas lunch Day 4

This picture does not do it justice!  The snowflakes are big and beautiful and there are lots and lots of them.  YEAH!!!!!
Snow means water for our lake, yes!  It means yummy snow ice-cream to eat after school with the boys.   Forts to build and snowball fights to keep happy instead of turn ugly.  We love it.  We even had snow-flake pancakes this morning to encourage the snow to come down.  It worked!
 And yes, I planned this lunch perfectly.  Snow!  The water bottle is my favorite, a melted snowman.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas lunch Day 3

 Kids make the holidays more fun.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas lunch Day 2

 So much fun!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Fun Christmas food

Just for fun this year I am deciding to make some fun, festive food for the kids this week.
Sunday morning they all had rudolph waffles.  Super fun
 Christmas lunch Day 1: Christmas tree theme.  I think they might be excited for lunch this week.

The sleepover

Cousins can be so much fun, and so loud when they are all together.  This years sleep over was fun for the boys.  Spencer even joined us this year.  When we picked them up they got to go to Cabella's and lucked out by seeing Santa and going to a shooting range for free.  Wahoo!
 When they got home we had dinner and fun robot cupcakes.
 They set up "dark town" and had fun playing together.  There may have also been a bit of bickering when part of dark town was destroyed and had to be rebuilt.
As was mentioned, cousins can sometimes be loud and certain boys needed some alone time.  At least they were happy together for the most part.
We also let the kids dye eggs for the fun of it.  Never a dull moment at the sleepover.