Thursday, August 28, 2008

First day of Kindergarten

Today was the first day of school, and I've been dreading this day since reading Melyssa's post about Paige going to school. I cried reading about her leaving!! So all week I've been sad about Jackson's first day. Don't get me wrong I'm happy too, just sad that he's already old enough to be going to school.

Jackson's been talking about the first day for the last week. He's been really excited and asking lots of questions. We were able to go to orientation on Monday where they gave us a tour of the school, answered questions, we got to go thru the lunch line and get a snack, color names tags and pictures and what not. He liked it and that only gave him more to talk about. He must be his mother's son because he never shuts up!!! That kid talks 24/7.

Today he woke up and got dressed in his outfit we had picked out the night before. Came right downstairs and got his shoes on. I've never had him listen so well. Never had to ask him twice to do something. We drove over to the new house and he and I walked to school (two blocks away), while dad and brothers waited at the house for the appliances to show up. His class lined up out infront of school then they walked in and sat down in their seats. That's when all the parents said good-bye. I thought I was going to cry a few times throughout the morning, but I'm proud to say, I never did! I don't know if I'm too overwhelmed with the move, or if I've just mentally prepared for it since Melyssa's blog. Anyway, the rest of my day was full of house stuff and I went and picked Jackson up that afternoon. (yes kindergarten is all day here) (long day for these little guys)

Jackson had a lot of fun! He said they learned about months and the weather. He was proud of how high he climbed up on the jungle gym during recess and then slide down the pole. He drew a picture of he and I walking to school and brought it home for me. And he can't understand why he has to go back tomorrow. He still thinks he's on preschool schedule of every other day. Well this may take some getting used to.:) But all in all it was a great first day!!

How fast they grow!

What a difference a year makes. The first picture was the first day of preschool last year. The second was today, the first day of kindergarten.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Official!

We've bought a house! The paper's have been signed and we are now official home owners. Or as Jonathan said 'home borrowers'. We'll try to post as soon as possible, but getting internet set up and all is going to take awhile. The big move is on Saturday, Jackson starts school tomorrow (Thurs), and oh yeah, Jonathan rolled his ankle yesterday helping someone else move. So it's swollen and black and blue. But other then that minor set back, life is good! We're excited for this new chapter in our life.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Learning to walk

Spencer is finally walking! It is really funny, because he is so stiff-legged when he walks. The following videos are post because Mom wanted to see some video of him walking, so here you go!

I love the way Spencer dances. When music is playing he will sit or stand in place, and twist his torso back and forth. He's not the most coordinated yet, especially walking and carrying things...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gold X8

So I just read a headline that NBC is worried that their ratings are going to drop after the swimming ends (meaning, no more Michael Phelps). I sat in front of the tv tonite watching the Olympics...waiting to see Phelps & Co., going for #8/8. Mind you, I waded through 2.5 hours of the women's marathon...and Bob-the-Snob Costas. Why would NBC possibly be worried about their ratings going down now that The Man (not you, Bob C.) has broken world records in time and number?!

Two and one half hours of women's can things get any better... ...?!

Then again, I'm the sucker who watched all 150 minutes of said marathon.

Hey, I was about to witness history. I guess 9000 seconds of skin n' bones in Nikes fighting a mild breeze is a small price to pay. NBC and their ratings...sheesh. Then again, I was so excited to watch the last men's swimming relay that I watched the entire marathon in fear that all of a sudden the running would be cut into for the swimming relay.

Enough bout my worries, here's to US swimming, MP, and NBC.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy 28th!!!!

So we had a great time at Steve's place for his birthday celebration on Wednesday. He actually did everything! Provided and prepared all the food and then we swam in the neighborhood pool! It was a lot of fun, but we didn't really get to spend enough time with him. I also forgot to bring our camera, and I think Dad forgot his too. So here is a short and sweet montage dedicated to Steve!

Swimming class

Jackson has been begging me to post this for awhile now. He was in swim class this summer and did an awesome job! Yesterday was his last day, and I'm kicking myself for not bring the camera to take a video of him swimming very short distances on his own. Sorry!!! But just to show you all how brave he's been, I'm posting this (per his request). We're so proud of you Jackson!

Kid Update

Caleb will be starting school in September and also play soccer in September. He is excited about both! We found out that he is either allergic to Steve's cat or to Steve's lamb skin rug. We were at Steve's birthday party Wednesday and he broke out into itchy eyes and a runny nose. Hence, the $8 I spent on benadryl at the gas station just to help Caleb make it though the rest of the party. :) And last night he told me that the moon has angels on it and that is what makes it shine so bright. What a cute kid. Oh and the sunflower (Caleb's favorite garden plant) is HUGE! Caleb is standing on top of a ladder and it is still that tall. Caleb is a good boy!
Peter is oh so crazy! He has become a major night-owl. He can stay up until 10 or later and still get up at 7:30 or so. And he is such a talkative child. When he does not have Caleb competing for the stage Peter will just talk steady. And when he plays by himself he always has some conversation going on. I think he is also becoming known as a bully in the family. Of course Will is his prime target but when Spencer is around he loves to rough-house with him. Poor Spencer got many a knockdown from Peter at Steve's party.
Willy B, I cannot believe how much he has grown! Can you believe that my 3 month old is wearing size 3 diapers!?! He is such a round kid, and so loveable! I just wish I could hold him longer and snuggle with him more. His smile just melts your heart, especially when his eyes light up and he smiles right at you. It is just amazing how much he has changed. I think that his hair is coming in much lighter than when he was born and he may keep his beautiful blue eyes. Oh, and when he "talks" it is sooo fun to hear. I cannot decide what my favorite sound is. A) Peace and quiet, B) a child's sincere laughter or, C) a baby's first sounds. Whichever one it is I know that these boys have caused serious chaos in our house but they have also helped our house be a little bit happier.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Who knew eating could be so hard! Cooper wasn't allowed down from his seat until he finished his lunch, which he didn't want to do. This is how I found him 20 mins later.
He may not have finished lunch, but atleast I didn't have to argue with him to take a nap.

Just some light reading before bed.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Douglas is getting better and better at feeding himself. He loves these little flavored puffs, and we love that they stick to his face while he's eating them.

Yeah, just saving those for later.

Picnic in the Park

A week or so ago we went to the park on a rare cool evening and had a picnic. I thought it would be nice to document this fun time with a nice picture...the boys had other plans. I tried three times to get a shot of all of them looking at the camera smiling.

Then I thought maybe I could try from a different angle and then maybe, just maybe I'd get the shot I was invisioning. But to no avail. (Note: That beautiful bruise on Cooper's forehead was actually self inflicted. He thinks it's funny to hit his head on things to make Jackson laugh. Didn't even cry when he gave himself that one. Crazy kid)(Another note: Never serve lemonade with summer pasta salad that has Italian dressing on it. Strange, contorted faces may result)

Hey what's that you got there?

Yum, wow that's good stuff.

Hey what you looking at lady?

I waaannnntttt moooorreee NNNNOOOOWWWWW!!!!

The view from the top of East Rock Park.

It was a little windy up there.

Look at that cute face!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Not Spencer's Day

Spencer is learning to walk! He is using a spider-man 4-wheeler that Jonah received for Christmas several years ago, and a new grocery cart walker Grandma Gray gave to him for his birthday. Unfortunately, he is not as graceful yet as he could be. Last Sunday, he was walking around the kitchen table and chairs, while leaning on them, when he made it to his high chair, where he promptly fell and cut his lip. First wounding! Then I had him with me a hometeaching family, and he was walking around the front room with one of those really old plastic child grocery carts, when he tripped and fell, and fell on the lip of the cart and cut open the bridge of his nose right between his eyes, and underneath one of his eyes. Poor kid! More blood! Finally, he was playing with Jonathan before bed, and they bonked heads. No blood this time, but that was it for Spencer! The following pictures are after the 2nd tumble...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Kids are cute

The other day I was watching an episode of Project Runway while I ate my lunch. The boys were done eating by that time and were in and out of the room while I was watching/eating. At the end of the show Jackson had planted himself on the couch and was asking me all sorts of questions. Why is this happening? Why is that? Why is he sad? That looks weird...etc. The show ended and then the baby woke up. We all went upstairs to get him and I decided I'd clean up my room and put away laundry. Douglas made his way into the boys room and I over heard this.
Jackson -"Cooper, I'm sorry, but you're out. You need to leave now."
Cooper walks into my room head down in defeat and says, "Mom, I'm out."
I tried not to laugh and said, "It's ok, you're always 'in' in my book."
He smiles and then Jackson calls him back into the room and Cooper merrily rejoins the one that just kicked him out only a min ago.
A few min. later I overhear Jackson again,
"Douglas, I'm sorry, but you're out. You need to leave."
A long silent pause before he then says, "Cooper...we need to leave the room. Douglas doesn't understand it when we say get out."
They both walk into my room very solemn followed very shortly by...Douglas.
"No Douglas you're out!"