Friday, March 25, 2016

Here and egg, There an egg....

The Gray Easter egg hunt!  What more can you say?  Hundreds of eggs.  Hours to fill each one with a coin or two, minutes to vacuum them all up and count the loot. Always a good time.
 I must say, the scattering job this year was pretty good.  It is always fun to see the sea of color spread throughout the yard.  And it was also fun to try and find places for all the golden eggs.  Each cousin gets one, so 8 spots can be hard to find.  My two favorites: the dryer vent leading out of the house, and the box where Caleb's mummified frog resides under the porch.  Hee Hee!
 The mad dash out of the house!
 These two boys faired well.  They got the most eggs and the most coins.  Go boys!
 Haley went for all pink eggs.  Spencer and Addison roamed the yard looking around for the ones they wanted.
 With all visible eggs gone it was time to search for the golden eggs.  They were perplexed. Guess I found some good spots.  Except for Jonah and Caleb, they were the first two to find golden eggs.  Next year needs to be more tricky!
Getting down to business.  
After that we hung out, ate yummy food (Addison told me that she was NOT having a sandwich, but after one bite she said, "Yum, I want another."), and the kids got down to playing games.  Fun times all around.  Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Getting along

They were all playing together so nicely inside the house.  Blocks set up all over the room, toys having fun.  Then Haley decided she wanted to go outside and play.  Mind you, it is slightly windy and chilly out.  Votes taken, Haley was still the only one that wanted to go outside.  All the boys wanted to stay in and warm.
 However, they are awesome kids and they put on jackets and shoes and made their little sister happy.
They are terrific kids!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Playing catch-up

Man, life is busy and we keep going.  But it never seems like I have anything "worthy" to write about.  But something is worth remembering from the past few weeks.
 Peter just finished up the end of Winter Indoor Soccer.  He scored one goal! He did a fantastic job at keeper!  They always had him play keeper in the first half, then switched him out to field.  He really enjoyed the indoor experience and his team is great.  Now he moves on to outdoor; bigger field, bigger goal, but it will still be great.
 No matter how much William protests, he does know how to clean when he is asked.  He actually cleaned this whole room without complaint.
 Peter and William's school held their yearly reading contest.  For 2 weeks the students are supposed to read as much as they possibly can.  Read, read, read.  The more they read, the more tickets they can turn in and earn the top reader award at the end of two weeks.  William did really well.  Peter blew the rest of the school out of the water!  He read non-stop. We kept track here at home. That is his green paper, extended from the floor to the other side of the room.  He was a reading master! I think there were a few days that he read for 6 hours straight.  It was awesome.
 This is how he often spent his time.  By the fridge, with a book, while eating string cheese.  He is a cool kid.  And yes, he did win the top reader award for his grade.  William did also.  It was a good 2 weeks.
 Haley loves her big brother Caleb.  Since Caleb generally has some responsible thing to do, Haley took this time to be with Caleb and read with him.  Cute moments.
St. Patricks day came and so did the Leprechaun and the clover hunt. They all had a fun day!
This is not a picture from today but it still is a good soccer picture of Caleb.  Spring soccer has begun for Utah Glory.  Outdoor practice; check.  Practice on your own with mom; check.  Spring ref fees paid; check.  We played our first "friendly" game last night and the team did great!  They won; 5-2 and Caleb did a good job on some saves.  Then today Caleb was invited, or asked, to come play with a U14 team.  Their keeper got injured this last week at practice and they needed Caleb to help out.  Totally!  We dressed, we showed up to beautiful soccer weather.  And the keeper was there, fit and playing fine.  Humph.  So, the coach said if the keeper started playing poorly, Caleb would play.  But until then, he would play on the field.  It was fun to watch him run around out there and play hard.  He had this excellent moment of heading the ball perfectly and sending it soaring.  He also had fun.  Without the weight and pressure that the title of keeper holds, he just ran around and had fun.  It was a good time.  
Other than that, our time is spend doing homework, reading (as mentioned before), scouts and soccer.  Choir is still there, but Rob has been really busy with work and since Spring soccer started up.....sometimes soccer practice and choir practice conflict.  But we are looking forward to the Spring concert in May, William's baptism in May (wow!), Scout Camp in June, and soccer and more soccer. It is fun!