Monday, January 11, 2016

11:00 church

This picture is just about perfect.  And it only happened because of 11:00 church.  Excuse the clutter and mess all around.  What is important is that they were all together and playing and happy.  And they all got ready for church pretty well because they had their "play time".  It was great.  Not only that, but my Sunday was super at church.  I had the wonderful, fun and happy opportunity to do singing time in church!  It is the absolute best way to spend church time.  I had so much fun!  And the kids seemed to have fun and we sang and it was great.  Sundays are not always terrific, but yesterday gives hope.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The weekend's happenings

Rob's firm was able to work on the Provo City Center Temple.  On Friday all those companies that worked on the temple were able to go to a special open house.  We ventured out, found parking and made our way to the crowds. It was busy.  There were lines.  There were people to go around and wait with.  It was a pretty temple. Everyone liked watching the video, everyone did not like the slow lines. But it was neat to be together.
 And after all was said and done, the fountain outside the temple was beautiful and added some calmness to the crowds.
The the rest of the weekend has been soccer.  Surprise!  Peter had a late game at 9:00pm.  He did a terrific job!  He was keeper first half and did great.  He charged, he blocked, he saved.  He only let 2 get by and that was not after some pressure.  Second half he was on the field, and although he was tired he played tough and did his best.  Love my soccer boys!
Caleb had two games this morning, one at 630 am (rise and shine!) and the other at 810am.  On our way to the 630 game, in the dark and cold, we found the song "Wide Awake" on the radio.  It was very appropriate.  The first game was tough.  Our team took 11 shots on goal. Humph. The other team took 43 shots on Caleb.  Hence, we lost 12-1.  But not without some terrific efforts on Caleb's part and the defense.  Second game was different.  We were more awake and we won 6-3. Again, Caleb and his defense did great and our offense turned it on.  A good day. Now we need to go get that primary talk ready for William and showers for everyone.  

Monday, January 4, 2016

Before we forget - 2015

Before we move on to new memories and adventures, I wanted to help remember some milestones and good times of 2015.

Caleb: big year for him.
He turned 12
Received the priesthood
Is able to pass the sacrament each Sunday
Is able to attend the temple - and loves it
Graduated from Heartland Elementary and is now in Middle School
Completed his goal of riding everyday to school on his bike for 6th grade
Won in reflections for his dragon wire sculpture
Most memorable scout moment - pulling the brick up from the bottom of the lake!
Graduated from rec. soccer
Began competition soccer with Utah Glory
Participated in STEM -robotics class after school
Participated in Salt Lake Children's Choir Spring and Winter concerts
All around awesome, hard working kid

Found a definite silly side to his personality and does something goofy each day
Has really come to try and feel the spirit and try to do good
Found a love of reading
Some of his happy moments: playing with mud and moments to himself
Has a fantastic imagination
Won in reflections for his 4 Heroic Beasts story
Saw a dragonfly molt and fly off with his brothers
Has begun to enjoy playing soccer more; started his first season of indoor
Has an obedient spirit and a good heart
Has become a really great reader
Understands spanish really well
Loves all things soft and animal; fox, otter.....
Is a great student
Won top reader in the reading contest at school
Won in reflections for his hot air balloon entry
A great brother
He is a true sweet heart, a wonderful boy
 Haley: what a beauty
Has become so much better and happier in primary
Started mommy and me preschool at Heartland
She surprised all the other girls and boys at ward camp by loving snails and worms
Is getting better and better at sleeping without being scared at night
Such a great writer and artist
Still loves princesses, tigers, pink and to sing; she is all girl but can hang with the boys

Friday, January 1, 2016

The New Year

For New Years Eve we ventured out of the house to go to Thanksgiving Point and watch a movie done by National Geographic called "Robots".  A perfect movie for Caleb, he loves robots, but we thought everyone would enjoy it.
 It was a movie in 3D, all the kids loved it!  Caleb was the biggest fan, he ate it all up.  But each kid had a favorite part of the movie.  I, Diedre, liked the movie as well; although there was some motion sickness happening every now and then.
 In front of the movie poster after it was all done.  A great family activity for all of us.
 After we came home the kids colored some cool looking masks for New Years.
 With glow sticks and colorful masks, it was a fun night.
 Traditional "glow dinner" was served and enjoyed by all.
Here's to another year of adventure, learning and fun!