Monday, January 1, 2018

Squeezing in more Christmas fun

We had a couple of Christmas parties, just our little family...
At one we played this silly little candy cane game.  It was pretty fun and Rob and I did very well at it.  I also have to remember what a success the "Draw that Song" game was.  Like Pictionary, only drawing Christmas carols and then after they guessed the right song, we sang it.  Everyone loved it!
William was rocking it this night (actually everyone looked pretty cool in those glasses)!
At dinner for our party.  Everyone was awesome!
Grandma and Grandpa Rachiele gave us a super fun new game, Farmopoly. Just like Monopoly but everything to do with the farm. 
 Christmas day
 I think everyone was pretty happy with the things they got.  Well, for the most part.  Haley was slightly disappointed that Santa gave Peter a teddy bear and she got a tiger (she had written a letter to Santa ((in school)) 3 days before Christmas that she wanted a teddy bear.)  William seemed a little down that there was not more for him under the tree.  And Caleb felt a little sad that he did not get any toys for Christmas.
 But he did get some snazzy shoes, and Diedre liked her fabric gift bags she made (I am a dork).
Granny Gray's house had plenty of snow to play in.  Haley was out there for all of 10 minutes.
But Caleb and others built a great snowman.  Then everyone else had loads of fun playing the Jason Gray's new video game, singing together, eating together, laughing together and having fun.  Even Peter said it was an awesome Christmas!  Steve made delicious ranch to go with the rolls.  Dacia made a terrific roast and gravy.  My kids loved playing with baby Abby.  Kids had great cousin time. It was awesome!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas lunch day 5

 The Nativity.  I had to stretch a little on this one, but I think I made it work.  They were each packaged up in a fun little Christmas bag.  After school we will bundle up and head to the zoo for our advent activity.
A little paper I made up for their lunch.

It SNOWED!!!!!!!

Oh happy day!!!  It snowed!!!!!!  Our snowy thoughts must have helped because we have waited a long time for this snow.  So happy.  Like not even kidding, you could hear my silly self exclaiming to the world how happy we were for snow as I got the snow ready for snow ice cream.  We were happy people last night.
 Haley did not waste any time in making a snow angel.
 William worked on the cutest snowman.
 Snowball fight.  And even though I love the look of the newly fallen snow.  I also love the look of a well used yard after playing in the snow.  Foot prints everywhere, snowmen and is awesome!
 Afterward we came inside and had a fire, ate dinner and enjoyed our much anticipated snow ice cream.
Then, as our laundry pile was drying out, we roasted marshmallows and read stories. What a terrific night!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas lunch day 4

Thinking happy snowy thoughts with this one. 
Snowman lunch kit!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas lunch day 3

Santa's sleigh and Rudolph 
A lunch like this would at least make me smile. :)

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas lunch day 2

Really this is just a random gathering of things.  The theme for today was "funny Christmas jokes."  Then I threw in some holidayish items and called it good.  Each of the kids got several Christmas jokes or comics to read at lunch.  Love my kids and making them smile, even when they are not with me.  After school....Caleb's indoor game.  I hope that brings us more smiles.

Random Christmas fun

A few advent activities worth remembering....
Red and Green Christmas dinner around the tree.
 Yummy lasagna (mac and cheese for those not liking the goodness of lasagna), red fruit, green veggies and no red and green dinner would be complete without cheery Kool-Aid.
 Christmas Treasure Hunt dinner.  Here they are decoding their items at the store.  William was in charge of a dessert. Haley and dad were in charge of the drink.  Peter and Caleb were in charge of the side dish.  I took care of the main.

 They also had funny pictures to take along the way.  This one is, "find something you would take to the beach."  They chose a coconut. Awesome!
 "A picture of something stinky."  Garlic.  They are perfect!
 "Something expensive."  They are all pointing to the lobster legs that cost $26.99 a leg!
Haley and mom had a fun little project on Saturday.  We made a little cardboard house together.  Fun times and no boredom for that moment in time.  Yeah!
Sunday was gingerbread house day!!!
We all got our mess and candy on and had some fun.
William had some issues with the frosting dripping everywhere, but that was solved with a change of clothes and more candy.
Busily at work....
The finished products.  Rob did the camper in the back in honor of our amazing friends, the Kjar family.  Haley went for fanciest and most things you can put on a house.  At one point she said, "I am struggling.  There is no more room to put anything else."  Such a fun time we had together.