Sunday, July 9, 2017

Birthday celebrations at the lake

In all of Caleb's awesome 14 years of life, he has only been home to celebrate his birthday one year.  The one year was when we were evacuated from the cabin because of a wildfire.  We hate fire season.  Other than that year, every year he has been at Scofield, dipping his toes, or all of him in the lake.  Watching fireworks from the island.  Playing in the water and having as much fun as possible.  That is how you do a birthday!  
 Caleb started early by getting a ride behind a neighbor's boat.  Fun ride and awesome way to start things off.
 The day before we headed to Manti so Caleb could go to the temple.  He is such a good, faithful boy.
 Shakes and fries for our Temple Treat.  I am not sure they will ever sway from Oreo shakes.
 Pretty scenery on the drive back called for a photo.  Shortly after this photo a bee somehow got in the open window of the truck as we were driving through the canyon and freakishly stung Caleb in the back!  How rude!  But Caleb was fine after awhile and no harm done, except to the bee.
 Birthday time!  We started off the day with a birthday breakfast.  Then we headed out on the lake for fun.  The boys all took their kayaks out to the island and explored a bit.  While they were there, Haley and I chilled on the water and she was delighted to soak me with her water squirter.
 14 and loving it!  He had so much fun playing at the lake!
 After dinner, of country fried steak of course, we went on a hike together.  We loved the views, we did not so much love all the mosquitos and flies that were swarming all around us.
After returning to the truck we were so excited to see 4 fawns!!!  Love baby animals and we get so excited to see the fawns.  This little mama and her twins were kind enough to pose for a perfect deer family photo!  Happy Birthday, Caleb!
Before ending the night we shot off Alka-seltzer rockets!  
I love my first born!  He is such an awesome kid!  He has his quirks, as we all do.  He can become majorly distracted which can be to his downfall.  He can have attitude sometimes.  He can put things off.  However, he is also so awesome!  He is faithful to Father in Heaven and worthy to hold the priesthood and call the Holy Ghost his companion.  He is a terrific friend and tries to be kind to everyone.  He is such a wonderful brother!  He loves each of his siblings so much and just has fun with them.  He may be 14, but he is still such a kid at heart who enjoys the simple side of life and has not lost his imagination for play or creating things.  He is intelligent!  He can be a great helper and worker.  He still loves to read and play soccer, they are just part of him.  He also continues to be a wonderful peacemaker in our home.  He has also started to learn how to change his temper or attitude and make it better, he is becoming a better person each day.  We love him and are so glad that he is ours, forever!

Rescue Mission 2017 - AKA, The Dock's Resurrection!

In the beginning, there were 2 docks.  Water levels were high and everyone was excited.  One day, a very windy day, Mother Nature decided to play mean.  The docks were thrown around and turned on their side, and thus began the Rescue Mission of 2017.  Thank Heavens for good knot tying, STRONG neighbors/cabin friends and smart ideas - the docks have been rescued and cheering could be heard!
 The beginning, it was so very sad to see our dock like this upon arriving one day!
 The water started to go down and that meant we could try to work on the dock.  Our neighbors tried to pull their dock out, only to get it really close to ours and realize they needed more help.  We also realized that some of the metal on one gang-plank had been torn.  This resulted in a lot of smaller boards falling out.  Thankfully, they did not float off but they sank close by the "death site" of the dock.  The boys and I spent some hours finding all the boards and getting them out of the water.  We also spent some time finding the missing poles to the dock.  Caleb used his awesome scout knot tying skills and we tried to pull a pole out on our own.  Again, we realized we needed more help and muscle.
 Introduce the muscle ~ our neighbors are strong and great people.  We all spent a good portion of July 4th weekend raising the docks from the dead.  We got Jessie's dock out with muscle, knots and Jessie's truck.  Then came our dock, which was harder because our dock is bigger, longer and heavier.
 Lots more muscle, some good ideas, several sunburns and Jessie's truck again......
and our dock was up and partially functioning again!!!!  YEAH!!!!!  So thankful to the McCallisters! So thankful for Rob and not giving up, but also being willing to fix the dock, again this year.  Also thankful for my cute kids who looked for the boards and poles, who took sticks and placed them in the submerged poles so that other boaters would not crash into them and who waited patiently for their dock to be rescued so that they could once again jump off of it and use it for reading and lounging and playing.  And so, so happy that our dock is rescued!  Now on to fixing it and making sure Mother Nature parties nice from now on. 

Cabin Time - our favorite time!!!!

I have always said, the cabin is the BEST place in the summer.  The temps are great, and even if it does get hot - go jump in the lake, that will help you feel better.  The view is 100% better than anything you can get in the city.  It is the best!
 Now that Haley has her own kayak, they can all play around - together or separate.  Haley does really well with paddling too.
 Peter has had a lot of fun with the bugs this year.  He especially did well one week and caught several butterflies for the others to hold.
 Going across the lake for the first time this year!  Like I said, Haley does so well with her kayak.  She did not even need a rest stop along the way, she kept right up.  Or maybe the boys slowed down a bit for her. :)
 Cabin friends!  They make the days a little more fun!
Especially when the cabin friends are girls, and they have a bunny, and they let you hang out with them all day long!  Haley and William were able to go on several boat rides, which included tubing, the e-z-ski, trying to surf or just going to the scout cove and jumping in the water and swimming.  
And let me say, we have been soaking up our time at the cabin.  Probably way more sun than we need, lots of bug spray and sunscreen and way too much time in a life jacket.  But also lots of smiles and time to relax and be together.  Cabin time is the best!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Roller Coaster Days of Summer

So, an explanation of the title.  It seems as if our summer has had it's share of good moments followed by small unfortunate events.  Somewhat a roller coaster of feelings or memories.
Summer this year has been different.  Caleb signed up for a summer gym class in order be able to take a certain class next year.  He has been doing great!

 Up side, he has enjoyed getting to know new people and it has been good for him to get out and be active each day.  I hope it will help with his getting ready for Trek in August.  Down side, he nearly broke his pinky finger playing basketball at gym one morning!  Basketball is not friendly to his fingers.  Another up side, today and tomorrow they get to play soccer!!!  He loved it!  Got to play keeper and field.  He was also chosen as captain for his team, because he knows what he is doing.  Love this kid!

Haley had her dance recital.  She was beautiful.  I was so proud watching her up there.  She knew the short dance and even surprised me with doing a beautiful move on her free dance.  So happy.  That was the up side.  Down side, I found out she is not about pomp and circumstance.  She did not want her picture to be taken after the recital.  She was very shy about congratulations and wanted to take her costume off as soon as we were in the truck.  She loved class, loved being up on stage, but did not want anything to do with being recognized.  Funny girl.
 SCOFIELD!!!!  Oh is this a definite up side to the summer!!!!  Love this place.  So beautiful, the glistening water, playing at the lake and relaxing together.  Reading and no iPod, perfect!  That, and the lake is SO FULL!  Like up to the road awesome!  First weekend there, this is what it looked like, the dock was under water there was so much water in the lake!  We loved it.  Haley also loves her new pink kayak from Grandpa Terry!  Rob was concerned about the dock, but Pa did not want to pull it up......
 Next weekend up there, well mother nature had a big wind storm and tipped our dock on it's side.
 Definite BUMMER down side!  Our poor, poor dock!!!  Like it looks dead just sitting there.  No chance to jump off it, fish off it....we actually need the water to go down so that we can rescue the poor thing!  So terrible sad! :(
 Peter went to Boy Scout Camp for 3 days.  Up side, he went.  He was patient and did what he needed to do.
 I love this picture of Peter.  He got bored at times, but he did his duty.  He is an excellent kid!
 RODEO!  We love going to the rodeo and cheering loud!
 Back at the lake.  Haley is pretty darn good on that pink kayak!
 Parker's family was at the cabin too.  Always a plus when they get cold at the lake, they all go hop into Parker's hot tub!  Plus, William and Haley were invited on several boat rides and they got to go tubing and William even got up on the EZ Ski.  They were excited!
I did my motherly duty and took the kids to the outdoor pool.  They loved it, for the most part.  Swam, jumped off the diving board.... it was a great happy time.  Until we got in the truck and noticed that Peter had developed a rash on his shoulder area!  What from, we do not know.  Chlorine?  Who knows.  But he was uncomfortable all that day and is still getting over it!  Down side!
Again, trying to do my motherly duty and help my kids have fun (away from tech).  This time we went up to Silver Lake.  Followed an extremely SLOW driver most of the way up the canyon, but we made it!  The lake was beautiful!
After the lake Haley wanted to go climb this particular rock.  We did it last year and they all loved it! Caleb decided to be Mr. Awesome and scale the rock on his own.  Haley, William and I went around on the trial.  There was a group of girls ahead of us, but we did not really think much of it.  UNTIL, they stopped, turned around and asked us if we were looking for something.  Nope, just on a happy hike to the top.  OHHHH, well their "leader" said we could not go up there because there was a girls camp up there and we were not "allowed."  WHAT????!!!!  I was stunned!  There were a lot of things I thought of telling them, after the fact.  But all I did say was, "that is rude."  I know, I am a tough guy.  But seriously, whose mountain is it?  Anyway, Caleb got the same rude behavior as he got to the top of the mountain when they told him to go down because they were having camp!  Sheesh!!!  I tried teaching my kids about being kind and just enjoying what we had already seen, and the fact that girls are NOT better than boys (by a long shot) but it was really hard not to be spiteful!  Down side. :(
Trying to make ourselves feel happier after those snooty girls camp people. :(
Heavenly Father and Nature pulled through.  Not 5 minutes away from the snooty girls, we saw this amazing moose!!!  Like so close to the road, but far enough away that we were the only excited people that actually stopped to watch!  So awesome!!!!  
Finally, good friends are awesome to have.  William is currently swimming with his friends from school!  And William gets to go to scout camp tomorrow and Saturday.  Hope he comes home with only happy memories and moments, no injuries or sadness.  
Summer is off and running and we are trying to have a good time. 
Update: I suppose I spoke too soon...
William returned home from swimming and we headed to a new park.  Fun, happy, water and playing.  Then it seems that William's chin collided with Haley's head - HARD!  Now William looks like this and it is not too pretty.  Crazy

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Keeping up the awesome

Tis that time, the end of school and the beginning of summer - YES!
 Haley worked her little Kindergarten self up to earning the Golden Husky.  She is one smart girl.
 Both of the boys also earned the Golden Husky, with some encouragement from outside sources (mom).
 With the end of the year comes Bro-Sis Day.  Kept it very simple, because Caleb had a hike for YMs and Peter was supposed to have soccer.  But this is one cute moment of them together, happy and peaceful.
The "Fridge of Fame", each of their accomplishments put on paper and presented to them in school.  Great kids and very smart.  They worked hard all year to pass things off and stay on top of their work, they deserve a terrific summer!

Last day of San Francisco

When we went to watch whales Peter saw this aquarium and suggested that we go.  So, while Rob went to do some things that he wanted (and thought the rest would be bored) we went to the aquarium.
 They had 2 cool tunnels that you could walk through.  We saw sharks, tiny fish, manta rays, boring colored big fish and one little fish that was really having problems swimming than BAM! - another fish came up and took a bite out of him, right in front of us.  The kids were all pretty grossed out.
 Caleb made a new friend, the blue tongued skink.  Caleb loved that lizard.  Not kidding, while everyone was at the touch pools, for a good 15 or so minutes, Caleb sat in that exact spot and watched the skink.  And the skink seemed to like Caleb too, it would just walk toward Caleb and they made eye contact for a while.  Such a cool kid.
 While Caleb was making friends, Haley made friends with the sting rays at the touch pools.  She would not leave.  She loved how soft they were.
 William's favorite animal gave William lots of smiles, the otters were out and playing in the water.
 Our last's days weather was actually hot and sunny.  And this was the lunch where Peter was genuinely smiling and happy to eat out with us.  Normally he wanted to go back to the apartment and eat.  Picky kid.  But this day he was so hungry and while the rest of us ate crap for our bodies, he wanted me to buy him fruit from the very overpriced fruit stand.  I said yes and he was happy.  Another lesson learned, they just do not serve enough yummy clam chowder in those bread bowls.  Especially when Caleb realizes that he too likes clam chowder.
 One last stop to see the goofy sea lions on Pier 39.
 Haley was excited to try the carousel.
 While 3 kids plus mom went back to the apartment, William and Rob went and saw a beautiful building, the Palace of Fine Arts.  Rob said it was one of the most beautiful places in San Francisco.  William loved the turtles and swans there.
While Rob and William had the camera at the Palace, the rest of us got out of the apartment for one more souvenir shopping trip.  While we were at Pier 39 they had the bungee jump cords.  Peter never asks for anything, but while we were there (with only my terrible phone camera on hand), Peter wanted to do the bungee jump.  Of course I said yes!  And he had a blast!  He did so many back flips and a few front flips.  He was all smiles and excitement, he loved his souvenir.  However, upon coming back to Utah his tummy muscles were feeling the burn and his added exercise was being felt. At first we thought it was a tummy ache, then I realized, hey you were doing a lot of flips with those abs...... Such a sweet, complex, yet simple kid Peter is.
One last picture in front of the view that greeted us each day before we left a really great family vacation.  It was super fun.  Sometimes crazy, sometimes really tiring, but each day brought fun and good memories.