Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was great!  These kids were sweethearts to me and each other all day!
 I received a fitness tracker, a really cool key chain (made in scouts) lots of sweet notes and cards and multiple hugs throughout the day.  My favorite was when all the kids were heading out to church (at different times, mind you) and each time before they shut the door they called out, "Happy Mother's Day, MOM!"  Such awesome kids!!
Nothing better than the simple kindness and sincerity of my kids to make me feel happy.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Where have we been??

Well, busy, that is where we have been...but to be more specific
 We have visited the temple a few times.
 Went to see the new red pandas, so fun!
 The brown bear listened to Caleb's coaxing and swam in the water!
 Haley had her puppy sleepover
 We have gone on walks, mainly to get Caleb and Peter ready for the temple walk.
 We took care of some friend's dogs for a day or so.
Peter was recognized as Student of the Month and Heartland!!
Caleb took the Spanish AP test!!! Man alive, the wait is going to kill us to find out the results!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Spring Break - the rest of it....

So, we started Spring Break off in Payson, because Haley's sweet teacher invited the whole class to her reception down there.  I think Haley may be the only one from the class that actually attended.  Haley was loving all of it.  Peter and Caleb went to the Payson temple for 45 minutes of it.  But the rest of the time, Haley's big brothers were patient and supportive of staying there until the very end.  Yup, we watched them dance, eat the cake, do the bouquet, and leave with everyone cheering.  Haley loved it all!  Her brothers, were not excited about the long drive home. :)
After the Provo City Center Temple these kids needed to unwind, just some fun.  Well, I thought it would be a good idea to take them to a brand new pool and play.  Unfortunately, the rest of humanity at Provo felt the same way.  That swimming pool was so crowded!!! OH MY!  Caleb was so burnt out from the temple that he did not even swim.  He just read a book.  But the other kids had a lot of fun at the pool.   It was just what they needed!
 Saturday, last day of Spring Break and we ended it with a WIN!  Caleb and Peter started it off by going to the Jordan River Temple to help with shoe coverings.  Then C, W and H all had soccer games.  After some lunch, dinner with Steve and Jonny we all headed to the Real game.  Yes, we got wet.  Yes, we got home late.  But oh my, it was so much fun!  SO MUCH!  Each of the kids had on field opportunities.  P and W were able to see themselves on the big board.  Caleb (in the photo above, not seen because of the flags) had the cool chance to carry one of the Dream Flags out on the field while they had the team come out and do the National Anthem.  It was raining the entire time, but they had so much fun down there.
 Then, my little Haley?  She was a member of the Dream Team!!  She was so excited!  Not only that, she got to walk on with Justen Gald!  Oh my, so lucky.  Only thing better would have been to be with Rimando.  While watching them battle it out to finally take home the win Haley said, "I think I have a  new favorite player (Glad)." 
It was such a fun night!  We went prepared!  Ponchos, blankets, coats, snacks... it was awesome!

Spring Break - I Love to See the Temple!

Spring Break saw a lot of time at the temple.  It was wonderful, sometimes very long, and a great experience!  By the numbers:
We drove 406 miles
Visited 9 different temples
The boys were in the temple a total of 8.5 hours
They did 154 family names for Grandpa Gray
Now when you look at it, that would be less than 1 hour per temple.  But do not be fooled.  Some temples were super fast, like Salt Lake, only a half hour!  However, our longest temple: Provo City Center.  A whopping 2.15 hours!!! 
 We started off in Payson, because Haley's teacher had her reception down there.
 Bountiful with Jonah and Jonathan!
 While the boys are in the temple, Haley and William try and find ways to stay entertained.  Example: using the camera.
 Brigham City
 When we arrived at the Brigham City Temple and I saw that Logan was only 24 miles away, I thought, "Well, might at well do Logan today too."  It was worth the long drive. Beautiful temple and great day to be outside.
We of course made time for our Temple Treats!
Salt Lake Temple
 More photos by H and W.  They really were all so sweet and patient on this temple trip.  Mom ended up taking the time this trip by talking with two ladies about the temple, the church, missionary stuff.  They were troopers.
 The boys at Salt Lake
 Bridget went with them to the Draper Temple
 Entertaining ourselves in the truck because this was a cold, windy day.  Haley and William made themselves cardboard cameras.
 Oquirrh Mountain
 Last day of temple trips and it was a doozy!  Provo Temple.  The day was so rainy that we got out of the truck a few times, just to not go crazy. 
 The boys loved how the mountains looked with the clouds.
OH MY GOODNESS!  Provo City Center temple.  Had I known it would take so long I would have taken Haley and William somewhere else to wait.  But how were we to know that it would take 2+ hours for those boys to be finished!  We were all so tired after this.  But I will say, our week of temple trips had its advantages.  Time together.  Very little bickering.  Feeling the spirit.  Good memories.

Friday, March 30, 2018

State Science Fair!!!!

Busy, busy kid and smart and awesome!
I counted it up. This week Caleb should have attended 27 periods/classes.  I think he only made it to 12 of those 27.  WHY?  Well, he participated in a math competition at school, where they placed 2nd!  Go Caleb, he was one of the captains!
Then, State Science Fair!!!  Long and awesome day!
 This was the new and improved board.
 Bright and early at school to catch the bus to BYU, 7:15am.  Notice something missing?  Yeah, his glasses.  Had to run those over, quick quick.  Oops
 Made it! He had a great time!  He was judged by 5 different people.  He was able to do the ropes course 3 different times.  They would have had pizza for 2 different meals that day.  However, the pizza place at BYU ran out of dough for the dinner crowd.  So, SeƱor Bertoch bought them Chick-fil-A for dinner.  22 hungry teenagers devoured their dinner.  They also were able to go bowling and then attend the award ceremony that evening in Provo.  Bertoch said that West Jordan Middle was the 2 most awarded school at the ceremony!  They have amazing teachers and kids!
Where Caleb came home (at 9pm) with this award!!   Yeah buddy!  He had a terrific experience!  His voice was gone because of all the talking and fun, he is much more sick today with a cough and so tired.  But he was so happy with the time he had at science fair!  Now, for all that make up work to do during Spring Break. ;)

Temple Open House

The Jordan River Temple is so close to opening!  The boys have been busy with the stake activities of preparing for the temple to open, it has been crazy busy but cool.  Our family took some friends to the temple open house and we enjoyed it so much!  It is beautiful inside!  Loved the baptismal area, sealing rooms and especially the Celestial Room!  The spirit was wonderful that evening!
 A good kid right there!
We even got to ride the bus to the temple, from a different parking lot close by.  

Gray Easter Egg Hunt

Gotta get caught up before Spring Break starts!
We had the Gray Egg Hunt a little early this year, because of other's vacation schedules.  The weather cooperated, the snow melted for us, and the sun was out. It was great!
 One of Diedre's views in hiding a Golden Egg.  Yeah, I climbed those trees.
 8 Gray cousins ~ 800 Easter eggs, give or take.  I may have lost count a little bit, but there are around 800 eggs in that hunt. :)
 Waiting to be turned loose.
 These kids went to town!  Jonah stole Caleb's reign and got the most eggs this year.  He was on fire! Caleb was heartbroken, but as Jonah put it, "Hey, he's beat me for the last 7 years, he can give me this one." :)
 Golden Egg in tree, #1
Golden Egg in tree, #2

Happy Easter, everyone!