Saturday, March 17, 2018

A few greats to remember

 These two boys.  Gotta remember how tiny and cute they were for a moment.  Look at them, so freaking sweet!
Those sweet, innocent little boys!  I could stare at those tiny little faces all day.
Now, Peter and William have never had the smoothest of relationships.  They can bother each other, get mad with each other, yeah - family stuff.  But look at them, they love each other, deep down.
 Fast forward lots of years and I take you back to last week.  William and Peter are currently sharing a room.  One night, William woke up from a scary dream.  Before I could go in there to check things out, Peter had heard William crying up on the top bunk.  William asked Peter if he could lay by him.  Peter did it, he got up there and took care of his little brother.  I have some amazing kids.
Back tracking several years again.  Haley, this beautiful little girl.  Born into a world of boys and soccer and blue.  She has grown up watching soccer.  In this picture she was like 3, and this was her birthday and she began it by snuggling up under a blanket on a very cold Saturday, while her brothers were playing soccer.
Again, always coming to the soccer games and practices. Not always watching 100%, but always there to hear me cheer, and watch those boys run around.  Haley has sat at the computer while Caleb watches goal keeper videos and learned how truly amazing Manuel Neuer is.  She knows that when one of the boys scores, that means an ice cream cone - for everyone.  That one time when Caleb scored 3 goals, on his 2nd Haley asked, "does this mean we get two ice creams?"  She has heard us all cheer each other on, learning the ropes of soccer practice and soccer Saturday and even watching Real Salt Lake on TV and live.  We cannot let Haley know Real is playing on TV unless we are willing to stay up late and watch the whole game.  Haley finds out, and we are watching.
Fast forward to this evening.  Look that that cutie!  Real played a game tonight.  Turned it on.  Haley was into the game.  Watching it, about 75% of the time.  There were moments of lag there.  Anyway, towards the end we all kept commenting on how good Glad was doing at defense.  He really was, saved Rimando quite a few times.  At the end of the game, when we were all so excited with the win Haley piped up and gave us the quote of the night.  She said, "Glad deserves an ice cream cone."  OH my, I love this little family of mine!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Zoo is Cool

Ever since last November when Rob got me a zoo pass for my birthday we have had several trips to the zoo.  Fortunately, they have had some new things that we have never experienced which has kept things exciting.
 Of course, every trip to the zoo has a carousel ride requested.  And Haley 95% of the time will ride the tiger.
 OTTERS!  Sometimes they are out, sometimes not.  But the few times they have been out they have been very active.  Playing in the water, going into their den then carrying fish back out to eat, right in front of us.  Super fun to see them being active.
 One of the special days we went to was Cats and Cocoa.  The kids got to do a small craft, free hot chocolate for the families, then we all crowded into this tiny space to watch the keepers show off the tigers.  They talked about tigers, which I only caught about 10% of what they said because we were just trying to watch everything the tiger did.  They would feed the tiger through that fence barrier.  The coolest was when the tiger would stand right up and show off it's size!  Really neat!
 The tigers especially loved the warm milk they were giving.  And Haley loved it all!
 Another special day was the Polar Bear White Out.  Caleb and I missed the polar bear part, because of a choir practice.  But I guess one of the things they gave the polar bear was a box, with some food inside, that also had this blue dye in it.  Hence, the blue polar bear.
Caleb and I did make it in time for the pinniped show.  This seal was really fun to watch.  He did all sorts of cool moves like this and even some very splashy flips in the water.  What is not pictured were the really cute sea lions that were also part of the show.  They were so fun to watch as they did their own tricks and moves through the water.

We have been having some fun times at the zoo!  Thank you, Rob, for letting us experience it all together!

A happy experience

First off, do not worry.  This was not taken during the actual stake conference.  Totally taken before, while they were practicing.
Now, about 2 months, or so, ago when the opportunity came up to sing in the youth choir for stake conference Caleb was not too excited about it.  Yet, after talking to him about it, then Caleb going to the first practice, he was sold.  He had so much fun each and every Sunday when he went to choir practice!  The conductor made it super fun.  Caleb knew some of the kids sitting by him, which helped him feel comfortable. And the spirit, he felt so great each and every time.  What a wonderful experience!  They did a terrific job in stake conference, the spirit was very strong.  They are even able to sing one of their numbers for a temple fireside coming up in March.  There will definitely be a void felt in Caleb's Sunday without choir practice to attend, he had a terrific time participating.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

A new view on life

I present to you...Caleb with his glasses. Rewind a week and a half ago, I asked Caleb to tell me the time.  He had to get up and go to the clock to see it.  It was then that it all came out. How he had been having trouble at school, trouble seeing road signs.  He was sad to acknowledge that just maybe he needed glasses.  Fast forward to yesterday.... we picked up his glasses and :
He was AMAZED at all he could see! He is definitely a fan of his new vision. He is now doing experiments all over the house with things he could not see, and now he can.  Yesterday upon arriving home he said, "I am going to see if I can read the clock? WHOA, it is 4:04!" So thankful for his ability to see clearly again. Another quote recently heard..."Whoa, look at all this detail I was missing out on!"
 He is one good looking kid

Science Fair

I am going to transport you back in time for a moment... back to Christmas.  When my only wish for a present was for these boys to be done with science fair projects.....They did an amazing job and made my wish come true.
Peter's flower project.
Caleb's water purification project.
Back to this week.  Peter did such a great job at the school level that he won!  He was selected to go to District Science Fair!  
 The night he presented he won this cool little thing.  Unfortunately, he did not advance to state.  But for a 6th grade kid in his first science fair, going to district was terrific!  Good job, Peter!
 Now, my Caleb!  Awesome, Caleb!  He won 9th grade science fair, 1st place!  Wahoo!  So, he went to district to represent his school.  Caleb felt pretty good after his interview.  Yesterday at school it was announced: Caleb is moving on to State!!!  Yea!  Out of 24 spots open to our district for State Science Fair, 22 of those spots went to West Jordan Middle School, and Caleb is one of those awesome kids!  Way to go!

I am so proud of both Peter and Caleb!  Peter did not want to do the science fair, but he went ahead with it anyway, and he went to district.  Caleb, continues to improve every year.  These boys are terrific!


HORRAH!  It finally snowed!  As in, it finally snowed enough to play in it without it melting soon afterwards!  AWESOME!  We took the kids for a short sledding trip on President's Day.  It was super fun!  We are however, unprepared in the sled department.  I took some cardboard thinking that would work.  Well, it only worked for Rob and Haley.  There was this nice family that let us borrow one of their many sleds, so the boys could have more fun too!  It was great!

 Haley had so much fun sledding down the hill with Rob!
 At first Haley was nervous.  But after one run, you could not stop her from going down!  She was a master at that little piece of cardboard!
 Thankfully the boys were able to have a super fun time on their borrowed sled.
Yea for snow!!!

Peter's big day: 12!

Peter is such a terrific kid!  Sometimes hard to understand, sometimes tricky with his emotions, but once you get one on one with him, he is amazing!  Peter is such a deep thinker.  He can ask the most profound questions, that can lead you into terrific conversations.  He has really developed a zeal for reading the Book of Mormon and he has also become more service minded.  Also, he is so caring and concerned with how my life is going.  He is always wanting to make sure I, as his mom, am happy.  Such a sweet boy!
So, we celebrated him and all of his terrific qualities!
First up: the actual day...
He received the priesthood on his birthday. Caleb was pretty jealous.  Such a neat boy with so much to add to the world.
Then, the next day (Monday) we headed to a new aquarium, SeaQuest, to check it out and experience some new things.  This is an aquarium where you can touch the animals, feed them and interact with them.  It was a super neat time.
We got to touch these cool lizards and iguanas.
There was this giant tortoise that just roamed all around.  Walking from here to there and the kids were able to feed him too.
A very cool chameleon.
This crazy, loud and full of cool birds area where the kids got to go inside.  You could either just sit there and watch or get a little cup of seeds and feel the birds.  As you can see, the birds flocked to the food and the kids were not quite sure how to take it all.
There was also this really nice worker there named Christian.  He found out we were there for Peter's birthday and he got out a snake for Peter to hold.  Pretty cool experience. 
There is so much here that I am not showing.  The kids got to feed a monitor lizard, an octopus and see so many other cool things! After the reptile area we headed to the water area.  There was a large tank where you could watch manta rays, horseshoe crabs, little sharks...these really cool silver was a feast for the excited eyes and exciting to interact with all the creatures.  The kids all had these little fish sucking on their hands.
 The horseshoe crabs were large.
 And it was fun to watch is swim upside down.
 Feeding the rays
 Feeding the sharks.  
It was a terrific time!  Such a fun way to be together as a family and celebrate such a wonderful kid!
Happy Birthday, my Peter!