Sunday, November 5, 2017

Goodbye October

 We took a trip up Big Cottonwood to the kids favorite place, shale mountain.  These boys like to push boundaries sometimes and freak mom out sometimes.
It is also very difficult to get them to leave the mountains once they are having fun.  Skipping the shale rocks was super fun!
 William was recognized at school as a Star Student for the quality of inquiry.  Such a great kid!
 A trip to Wheeler Farm.  We went on the longest wagon ride yet and it was fun, but dusty because the wind was starting to pick up.
 Cute corn maze the kids had fun exploring.
Awesome kids having fun together, this was before the dust really picked up.
 Haley started her dance class of part tap, part ballet.  She is excited!
 More leaves, more jumping!
 More sewing.....

An awesome art display we found at the library.  Caleb and I really had fun looking at these.

Halloween!!!  A ghost, soccer player, super hero and archer!

Sorting of the goods.
Hello, November!  This one I happily get to keep.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

She had a Birthday!

Okay, okay, before October ends I should document a couple more things.  Like this sweet, often confusing, but very beautiful little girl's birthday. She turned 7 and was so excited to celebrate it.
 We woke up in the morning ready to start the day at school.  She had cherry turnover for breakfast.
 She thought her lunch was just a bunch of presents she got to open before school.  Nope, just her food packed up fun.  However, it did backfire a little.  She came home telling me that she did not get a chance to eat all of it and she had been thirsty all day.  Seems as if she did not unwrap the drink portion of her lunch.  Oops.
 After school we took a trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins for Halloween.
 Haley loved driving around the just her size wheelbarrow.
 Came home and she could not wait for dad.  She had to open up at least one present.  A soft and lovable bear.
Her dinner requests.  Baked potato, crepes and fudge.  She is awesome!  We love this little girl.  Although she can be full of emotions and ideas that sometimes the rest of us do not understand, she is so sweet and fun to have around.  Now that she has started first grade and is learning more about reading, she enjoys writing little notes to us and giving them out.  She can also become a great playmate and have fun with the boys.  But most of all she loves to play school with her stuffed animals, twirl and dance, and be with other people.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Just plain busy with life

Well, it may seem like we fell off the earth... when in fact we did not.  School started, and with that... normal life.  The only change up is that all four kids are in school, for the full day.  That means that Diedre has extra time, but all that time has been swallowed up at the sewing machine.  I have been going crazy with a few projects that some awesome people have let me make for them.  Like, I have a hard time keeping things simple.  Anyway, the kids have been busy with school.  Caleb, like always has homework each week plus he has been taking time away from tech to read and play with his siblings.  Peter has  a teacher that really likes him and Peter is one of the Math Masters in his class.  With all this Peter still claims that school is terrible.  William is doing so much better about getting up in the mornings for school!  William also has a great teacher and he seems to enjoy class more.  William has also made some great friends who love to hang out with him.  Haley loves her teacher and loves lunch and recess time.  She also loves to play school at home.  However, when describing school she says it is, "long."  After school the kids have been busy with soccer.
 Caleb went to a rec league this year.  He has enjoyed it so much and gotten a lot of play time!  After the first game where he felt he might die because of dehydration and exhaustion, he stepped it up and has been running home from school each day and has improved so much over the Fall season!  He even scored a goal, off a header which I totally missed (BOOO!) and has assisted in several goals.  Plus, he is an asset to the team.  Yeah!
Peter is still playing up on Fredrico's team and does such a great job.  He says he wants to go down to his own age division next year, but for the mean time playing with a bunch of other 13 year olds has not slowed him down.  He does awesome!

William's team has had a really rough season.  They have faced some great teams and their moral is low.  With that being said, the few games where they were able to click were great.  When William has the determination he can drive that ball down the field so well and even scored a goal this season!
 Not many pictures of Haley playing her first season of soccer.  She did well.  It is that age of bunch ball and just having fun without much skill.  She was a social bee and had a lot of focus on where her friends were on the field rather than the ball.  However, she also did a really great job of running with the pack and even drove the ball down the field a few times.
Remember that sewing machine I received for a birthday present about 5 years ago?  Boy has it gotten a lot of time in.  I feel like all I have done is sew, laundry, tidy and sew.  And that is not an understatement.  These are only a few of the table runner projects I have done for friends.  There are more that I sent out the door, carelessly not documenting them.  However, I think that each one is great!  Simple no.  And some have been down right stubborn buggers making me take way more time than I wanted!  But working with all this pretty fabric is fun and time consuming.  This Christmas one was for a fellow soccer mom/friend.
 For another fellow soccer mom/friend.  I love how the pumpkins pop with the black!
 Halloween for Dacia.  This one I took ideas from here and there and made it my own.  So thankful that it worked out!  I am sometimes way too critical of my work.  Also, I am never sure how it will go until it is washed and dried.  Then I can either take a sigh of relief or aggravation and having to start over.
 Christmas for Dacia.  Again, took ideas and ran with it. The nativity was actually my own making.  And I must give a shout out to all my sweet friends who are so patient with me and let me harass them with ideas and giving me feedback.  They are awesome helps.
Final one I have a photo of.  Another one for Dacia (because she was sweet and let me make her an extra), because teal is her favorite color.  I love making things for other people.  The projects I have around my house give me a smile and that is what I want to do for others.  I just hope that when I give them over, they find a happy home and bring a smile.  
That is what we have been up to the past 2 months.  Now we will get ready for Haley's birthday, winter indoor soccer and more sewing for the holidays.  I still have a few more projects to take from simple to complex. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Easiest school day of the year

It has begun...
They were up and ready ahead of schedule.  They were so on time that they had a chance to take the obligatory "1st day of school photo."  Caleb made it to school in the nick of time.  The others were so early they had time to find friends and talk.  That will not happen again for quite a while.  But they made it.  Caleb and Haley came home bubbling over with good things to say about school.  Peter and William, they were less than impressed with the first day of school.  
And so it begins....

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Live life to the fullest, or at least try

More time on the water.  I have so many photos of the fishing and having time playing on the boat.  SO MANY.  

 Fishing!  They loved catching the fish, they did not love it when one of the fish swallowed that hook too deep and it died.  There were some tears, we are catch and release people.
 We ventured out to the island.  Super fun and super long to get out there.  We only have 4 kayaks.  We found out that I, Diedre, am not too heavy or large to fit on a youth kayak.  Bonus! However, with only 4 kayaks and 5 people (Rob was not with us yet) we had to tow one person on the tube.  William was the sweet kid to say he would ride on the tube while I towed him across.  We hooked a rope between me and William.  I rowed while he kicked.  He got tired, we were slower but we made it!
 We found a pretty ok place to park the kayaks/tube and have a picnic while they explored a tiny bit.  I believe it was right after this photo that I got stung by a bee (only a tiny sting) and things got chaotic after that.  We packed up to head back across.  Haley was tired.  Haley tipped. But Peter calmed her down (which I account to part of that "Lake Magic").  And we made it back to the truck.  Fun times and to be remembered.
Lots and lots and lots of photos of knee boarding.  We FINALLY got the boat up at the lake.  So, the kids could all go for rides and play around on the water, more than just jumping and kayaking.  Peter got up the bravery to try knee boarding, and after a few tries he got up and was crossing the wake like a champion.  He was so proud of himself and so happy.
 William also mastered knee boarding.  He loved to do hops on the knee board and loved crossing the wake.  He almost got down the trick of turning around on the knee board.  He got so tired, but would go any chance he got.
 Caleb got up on the water skis!!!
 He also loved the knee board.
 JUMPING!  So glad our dock got fixed so these kids could enjoy the lake.  And look at that view!  No better place on the planet!
We were crazy enough to take the chance to get our family photo taken at the lake.  An awesome neighbor of ours took this photo.  Not too shabby.  
 Saying goodbye to our lake.  Several of the kids were very tender and emotional upon leaving this morning.  These kids have grown up at this lake.  Spent their summers coming up with games together, exploring, watching wildlife up close and getting wet!  It is where they smile longer, play together better and have gained a greater appreciation for what really matters.  We love this place and will miss it until next summer, but I think they made the most of their time there.

Wacky Week

The week before school starts has been deemed "Wacky Week" by our family.  One last effort to have fun together before the alarm clock sounds and homework looms.  I worked hard to come up with fun activities for this week.  Some worked, some failed, some were half successes, some did not happen because that is just how life works.  
 The week started with A LOT OF ERRANDS to get ready to go back to the cabin.  24 hours home, just enough time to get fresh laundry, store visit, school shoe shopping with Grandpa Terry, more groceries, library, tired mom and finally a trip to get fries and a milk shake.
I checked out a bunch of "fractured fairy tales" from the library and the kids had a blast reading all of them.
 B day: wear blue, black or brown (in Haley's case she opted for yellow).   Also eat foods starting with B.
 punch Balloons on B day
 Bubble machine
 One day they tried new foods.  Some were tasty some were those weird jelly beans from Harry Potter.  Some kids got the raw end of the deal....William mainly got the gross ones.
 Some kids got lucky, Peter really did not mind the grass clippings jelly bean.
 Shaving cream war.  This was the half successful.  Some kids liked it, some kids got mad, some kids got it all over, some kids were fast and got very little.
 Caleb loved it.
Decorating crazy mini cakes (aka twinkles).  Some tried to eat their "creation" after it was done, others were more wise.
Wacky Week day by day: Eat under table

  • wacky books
  • B day (B foods, B colored clothes)
  • White War (shaving cream fight)
  • Try something new
  • G day (g foods, g colored clothes)
  • Crazy mini cakes
  • Wacky Wonky Dinner (ALWAYS a success! The kids all love this)
  • Monday or Tuesday we will have a water war!!!!