Sunday, May 29, 2011


So, where to begin. I guess with the most exciting and go from there. We made our first trip to Scofield for the summer and it was enjoyable, chilly, and interesting. Because of such a cold wind on Friday we decided to take a ride down to Price and visit their dinosaur museum. It is small but has some good things to see. Also an exhibit entitled, "Living fossils", where they have a soft shelled turtle and a 4 year old alligator swimming around in the same little pool. We learned some interesting things while there. The soft shelled turtle killed the last alligator they had and the new alligator and it do not get along (they have attacked each other a couple of times), but they now live in a mutually agreed upon truce. Another interesting thing about small town Price, at 4 pm the museum feeds the alligator live mice and it is quite the attraction for everyone at the museum. What? Kind of disturbing, interesting, amusing and I did not really watch much of it, but my boys did. They said one of the mice had a fighting chance. The mouse hopped onto the alligator's tail then onto his back. But finally the mouse fell off and was consumed in the fierce jaws of mister alligator. Anyway, on to more pleasant if not more mundane details of the weekend.

William still loves fishing and going down to the lake. But we have also noticed that he is a die-hard for the water. He was freezing cold but did not want to leave the water, he was having so much fun playing and going deeper and deeper.

Peter is a beach bum, loves fishing, dissecting plants, and playing in any dirt he can find.

Caleb still loves the lake and the water but he also has a real affinity for the willows. He loves playing games in the willows and forging new and difficult paths for the rest of us to walk through.

Haley had a lot of fun at the cabin. She loved playing with the balls and spending time outside by the lake. And she was a rock-star for sleeping through the night at the cabin. Maybe it had to do with not getting very long naps during the day but we will take it.

Here are the monsters, trying to wind down for bed, even though it is so hard to do at the cabin.
In other noteworthy news, Caleb has to prepare a talk about faith for next Sunday and I have to prepare a sharing time on the same subject. You would not think it would be so hard, Faith is such a basic part of the gospel and Jesus' teachings. It should not be so hard to gather your thoughts and express them in a meaningful way. But I am struggling. Having faith in Jesus is one thing. Faith that your prayers will be answered, or that life continues after death, or that I am doing the right thing by going to church. Yet, I struggle in showing that faith in difficult times, or time when my patience is low, or when I really need something and I begin to doubt if my faith meets the test. I am rambling here but what do you do? I want to teach these kids the importance of faith, especially my own kids. I want to let them know that I believe! But then I start to doubt if I have enough faith to stand the test of time. Oh well, it will come together. I just need to do what I should be doing this week and the spirit will come through for me. It has happened before, I just need to put my feet on the right path and keep them there for the long haul.

Monday, May 23, 2011

In review

This is our week in review:
Monday - Thursday: School, cleaning, playing, cleaning, shopping and eating.
Friday: Jonah and Jonathan came over for a sleepover and the boys had fun. Among other things they had a few squabbles, Jonah and Jonathan were introduced to Navajo Tacos and Jonah inquired, "so are you recently interested in the Navajo people?", we all went downtown and the boys had a blast at a new architecture attraction by Capitol Theatre, they stayed up WAY TOO late and got up WAY TOO early (in my opinion), and they loved playing legos together.
Saturday: We all got together at the park for a combined birthday party for Grandpa Gray, Dacia, Jonah and William. It was loads of fun to play at the park with such beautiful weather. Caleb left the party early so that he could receive a bike that was given to him from the school and other donors. Rob said it was pretty big deal with several other schools being in attendance and a large gathering of volunteers. He loves the new bike and was so excited to ride it around that day.
Sunday: The primary kids survived their third Sunday of me being the chorister. It was the second week in our baptism package and we took it simple this week. It focused on repentance and how just like an eraser can erase a pencil's mistake, repentance can erase our mistakes if we do it sincerely.
Monday: William's birthday! WAHOO! It was a pretty normal day but he still had fun. He enjoyed playing with Peter in the morning, building with blocks and then playing at the playground after school. Then this evening he and his brothers played with some of his new playdoh and read his new Curious George book. Every time I said, "Happy Birthday, William!" He would reply, "Happy Birthday, Mom!" or "Happy Birthday, Clouds." He is such a sweet boy. He has such a fun smile, and a gracious spirit. It does not matter if I give him a glass of water, a treat, dinner, a toy, or I read him a story; he is always the first one to say, "thank you, Mom." He is always willing to share his things and he loves to help when he can (especially in cooking). And he loves being 3.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Great to be Eight!

Well, the countdown begins to turing eight and being baptized. Caleb could not be more excited! As per a request from a friend I am posting about our baptism countdown and all the things these boys get to do and learn about for the next 8 weeks. I hope no one minds. This past Sunday we went to Jonathan's house for Family Home Evening, dinner and to open up the first package in the countdown. The first package consisted of a frame that had a picture that Caleb had drawn of baptism and a poem that I came up with about baptism. I also made a baptism shirt for each of the boys - Jackson, Caleb and Jonathan - and I think they turned out pretty good. Finally, we played Baptism Bingo and although the boys were more excited about the candy place markers they also enjoyed learning about other family member's baptism stories. It was fun and we cannot wait until the big day in July.
It will be so awesome! It really is great to be 8!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Next year I am doing it all differently! Instead of starting my plants in doors and watching them grow out of my laundry room before the snow stops falling, I am just planting straight in the ground. Instead of planting when the weather says it will be good and free of frosts, I am planting maybe the last week of May! Argh! I planted, we got all so excited, I check the weather every night before drifting off to sleep, and it still frosted last night! I do not know why I am bothered by this. I live in Utah, I should expect this. Maybe I am just bothered by my own impatience in planting to early because I thought I would be okay and I just should have done otherwise. But, live and learn. Man, those stupid frosts!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Snapshots on Mother's day

The day went well. We had a yummy breakfast, and overall peace through the day. My boys treated me well with sweet thoughtful presents. Rob was totally awesome and made me another garden box (you can see it in the picture below). Rob worked hard, went through a bit of frustration, but still made the box and I love it! Caleb made me some cute magnets in class and a sweet note to go along with it. Peter's class did a hand print for me and a cute saying. William used his imagination for my present. He was running through the yard and said, "here, Mom!", tossing me something imaginary in the air. I pretended to catch it and he said it was a present for me, a soft blue teddy bear for me. How sweet is that? So, on with the snapshots.

A peaceful moment when the boys were reading together before our walk.

I wanted to go on a walk with the boys and find the trees in our neighborhood that had pretty blossoms on them. As we walk to and from school I see so many of these trees, I thought it would be fun to see them together. The boys had fun collecting the fallen blossoms and showering/bombing me with them. It was fun. Caleb also took a notebook and took notes about nature along the way. Some of my favorites, "Where ever you are, nature is all around you." "Nature sounds awesome." "Potato bugs are ticklers."

Haley examined the blossoms and enjoyed the walk. She also discovered her lower lip and has been sucking on it ever since. It is so cute to watch her figure out all these things. I also love how she has started noticing her wrists more. Watching her pick things up and wave them around is darling.

The boys also took time out on the walk to gather as many potato bugs/rolly pollies/ as they could and transplant them to our house. Seriously, these are some displaced bugs, they traveled a block from their original position and I am amazed that none of them died or got smothered in those little hands on the way back home.

My garden! Finally, one last thing I received today was a new calling. I was released from my Primary teaching call and was called to lead the music in Primary. Ok, I can do this. I am somewhat excited, somewhat nervous at the preparation it will take and the responsibility I have to teach these kids the music and the gospel all in one, but I am looking forward to the new things it will bring. Plus, I get to see all my kids in Primary so that will be fun. Oh, my dad also made me a yummy cherry pie and we went to the Grays and had a very yummy dinner and the boys enjoyed being with the family. It was a very fun day.