Saturday, April 21, 2012

A wonderful day!

This day has been absolutely wonderful!  Seriously, my living room is a mess and I do not even care because today has been so great.  Why?  Well, we had Jonah and Jonathan over for a sleepover and my boys love being with them.  It was so much fun.  This morning after breakfast we loaded up in the truck and headed for Scofield, and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day.  It was perfect up there!  Ok, to get the one bad moment out of the way - Caleb injured his back.  Somehow, we will not go into detail, he fell off a dock and hurt his back.  But even with that he was able to bounce back and play in the water and enjoy himself.  He still hurts but it will get better.  
With that out of the way we can get back to the beauty of the day.  
They could not resist the water.  I tried to deter them from getting "too wet" but in the end even I gave in.  That is what we go for.  The lake, the water, the dirt and sand and rocks.  The wet clothes lining the deck and the kids sitting in front of the heater in the cabin trying to warm up before they go out there again.  They said the water was freezing but that did not stop them.  Oh, and Haley is going to love this summer!  She was right there with them.  Maybe not up to her waist, but still loving every minute of it.
They played on the tube, paddling themselves around in the water.  They threw in rocks and found sink holes.  They played in the sand and went through three changes of clothes.  But therein lies the genius.  I thought to grab extra clothes going out the door from West Jordan.  So, those wet clothes did not mean much.  There were backups!  Brilliant!  I sat there on the beach with them all playing in the water and I relished every minute of it.  I thought about the laundry I did not have to do or the dishes I did not have to clean.  I thought about the messes that would wait and it was wonderful.  I love the cabin for that.  That we can just go out to the lake and play and not worry about all that responsibility.  It was super!  Not to be forgotten was that we also saw our first deer of the year.  Peter was the good eye on the deer this time.
But the time came to leave and my three boys were sad to go.  They wondered why we were not staying the night?  Come on!  We always stay the night.  But we needed to get Jonah and Jon Jon back home and so we headed out.  And driving through the canyon was this sweet sight:
They were so tired and they needed somewhere to rest their heads.  They love each other so much and it is fun to watch them together.  They loved playing in the water and coming up with spy games to play and light shows at night.  They are awesome!
When we got home the boys packed up their stuff while Haley and William followed a duck that was walking around our neighbor's yard.  Haley loved it and William had fun picking flowers.
Well, after Jonah and Jon Jon left the greatness of our day did not end.  We had a yummy pancake dinner and then William let us know he would need a bath after his sticky dinner was done.  While Haley and Willy took a bath Rob was a Knight in Shining Armor and cleaned up after dinner.  See, what a great day!  After that the boys hunkered down to watch their new favorite movie, "How to Train Your Dragon."  They love it and I loved it too!  It was so fun to watch together.
And now there is a sweet peace in my home as they are all asleep and happy.  What a good feeling to have.  Caleb went to bed hurting but still okay, a blessing.  Peter went to sleep happily thinking of Toothless the dragon and all the fun games he would play tomorrow.  William went to sleep with his hand sweetly placed on my shoulder.  And Haley went to sleep while Rob fell asleep in her room.  This family of mine is awesome!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oceanside 2012

It is hard to narrow down a week long trip into a few sentences.
While reading this you will see that we got to see some dolphins. I think that was one of the highlights of the trip. We saw probably 10 or so dolphins, gently riding the waves and going around the pier. Then at one point they picked up speed and went to jump the waves with some surfers. It was so fun for all of us.
Caleb's favorites were: playing at the pool, playing with his cousins, seeing the dolphins and seal at the pier, playing in the condo and going to the beach.
Peter's favorites were: Watching "How to Train your Dragon," the Easter Egg hunt, the palm trees and surfers, and seeing the dolphins and the seal.
William's favorites were: Watching the surfers, seeing the dolphins, drawing in his vacation journal, watching "how to train your dragon" and playing with his cousins.
Haley's favorites were: Walking on the pier, seeing the pelicans, and playing on the beach.
Rob's favorites were: Taylor guitar factory, watching the pelicans dive into the water to catch fish, and being with his family.
Diedre's favorites were: Walking on the pier, playing with my kids on the beach, the Easter egg hunt on the beach, seeing my funny footprint in the sand, playing croquet with Caleb our final day, seeing the sunset our final night there, and seeing the dolphins!!!
Haley walking on the pier, she enjoyed putting her fingers in her ears.
Our visit to the Mormon Battalion, the boys enjoyed panning for gold.
Haley enjoyed the sand, surfers and the waves.
More of the ocean. That is what we went for.
Rob's sandcastle that lasted long enough to get a picture. No the waves did not destroy it, little kids did.
All of the boys loved the pool and the hot tub. Caleb would have stayed there all day if given the choice. However, the wind off of the beach made it rather cold poolside.
The Gray Egg Hunt
Croquet on the beach.
Diedre's unique footprint. So cool.
Right before we left for Utah. One more time to look at the pelicans, watch the surfers and see the ocean. It was a great vacation, it was so fun to see everyone and spend time together.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Those first sweet words

This is my cute baby and last night she started saying her first official word. Well, we have always joked that maybe her Santa interpretation, or her cat sounds might be her first word; but I think this is official. I know, I have vacation pictures to put up and details to remember from that. But this just could not wait. She is so stinkin' cute! We were reading a book that said baby a lot in the text. Suddenly Haley started on her own. We have all loved it. And now she even says mom and dad for me. And tonight when I was reading to her she folded her arms for a prayer. I said a quick one for her and then I told her to say amen. She did her very best amen, starting with the A sound and ending with the N sound. OH, we are making progress over here in Gray-land. It is so happy.