Saturday, November 30, 2013

A busy time of year

I do not feel like I have been that busy, but day to day life has gotten in the way of keeping updated.  November has been full of a lot of projects for Diedre.  Sometimes I wonder why I conjure up so many different projects for myself.  Life would have less sewing and cleaning up if I did not have so many ideas floating around in my head. 
So, what else did November bring?  November brings one of my favorite times of year, Thanksgiving and birthdays!  We as a family did our turkey family and it was awesome as usual.
Rob always has a vision for his turkey.  I think this year he was going for the punk turkey look.  It was great!  My turkey was lucky to get any feathers, Peter was stealing them all for his own purposes, none of which involved gluing them into the pinecone.
Caleb is always the King of Turkeys, with lots of feathers and pizzaz.  
In November we also had our Pie Party which was delicious and super fun.  We did lots of homework, tried to get some reading done, hung out with friends and family, ate yummy food for our birthdays, and did a bunch of sewing for some fun Christmas presents. 
 Also included were cute kids.  Haley who loves to pick flowers and then tear them apart for her own special cakes that she makes.  Haley can also be found spinning around to either the music playing from the radio or in her own head.  William got over the foot in a boot thing and now is happily jumping on two feet.  Peter is back into playing football with his stuffed animals and can be found at anytime setting up a game with his toys and alerting me of the score.

And cool man Caleb continues to be the master of lego building.  Seen here is his Forbidden Forest from Harry Potter.  Family is awesome and time together can be fun, on edge at times, and always an adventure.  Now on to December!