Monday, December 20, 2010

David's Birthday 2010

I think Rachel was a little too curious about my camera--not Addison. That kind of thing is old hat to her. It was nice to spend David's birthday all together!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Recent Grandma Hansen Pictures

Grandma, Emily, and Spencer Gray

Can you guess who is who?

Grandma and Jonathan Gray

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Verna Lucille Mitchell Hansen

We love you Grandma!

All he wants for Christmas...

It happened. Rob wanted it to happen after Christmas so he would not have to sing that all too famous song, but it happened nonetheless. At Thanksgiving he lost the first front tooth. Then tonight we were playing a rousing game of toss the pom pom to each other ( I know, sounds like something you want to do right now), and at one point William and Caleb collided. And as fast as that I saw Caleb's other front tooth pop out onto the floor (it was already loose, do not worry). It hurt for a moment, blood was coming of course, but it was out. And now instead of just learning the Christmas songs we have been working on he may add another to the mix. So cool and crazy!

P.S. at 8:00 pm he just twisted out his other loose tooth! He was so excited about loosing that first one that he just pulled out his other one while he was supposed to be going to sleep. I told him he cannot pull out anymore, he looks pretty goofy with three teeth missing in a row. :) Plus, he is having a rough time taking bites of his food with all those chompers gone. What a funny, happy, excited kid.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

An awesome time at the Zoo!

Ok, so sadly I did not take my camera to the zoo when we went last night. I kicked myself a couple of times for my neglect at camera duty but oh well. So, why was it so great at the zoo last night? The weather was great! Not rainy like they said it would be, not really that cold, no wind or snow... pretty mild. We went right at closing, purposefully so that we could see the animals and still catch the zoo lights before all the crowds. The animals were terrific! The monkeys were fun to watch as always. We headed over to the giraffe house and they are one of our favorites. We had fun watching a giraffe try and get at some pine cones in a cage, we laughed at a giraffe licking the wall of the house with it's crazy purple tongue, and then we stood there mesmerized as a giraffe reached out at took a stick out of Caleb's hand with it's tongue and then ate the stick right there in front of us. Caleb was on cloud nine! If that was not enough, we headed over to the tigers (our other favorite) and one of them came right up to the fence ( a foot away from us) and with it's nose pressed against the gate starred at Caleb for about 2 or 3 minutes. Then he walked over to a ball that was in the water and played with it for a bit and performed perfectly. It was so cool! The boys managed to get me to pay money for the carousel and they had the pick of the litter. Peter chose the ostrich, William chose the tiger, and Caleb chose the lion (Haley chose me). Peter said that was his favorite part of the night. All along the way we were able to see the Christmas lights turn on and it is so fun. They have all the animals; the tigers, meerkats, zebras, hippos, seals, turtles, elephants, deer, even Santa and his sleigh in lights with motion. I personally think is ranks right up there with Temple Square, if not more fun and engaging. As we were about to leave who should we meet but Santa himself. He was there to kick off the Zoo Lights and make it a magical night. Peter went up and gave him a hug, Caleb was conveniently wearing his shirt that said his name so Santa called him by name (without Caleb even realizing that Santa read it off his shirt) and Willy shook his hand and said hi. It was perfect. Caleb said he loved it all, he just wished he could have told Santa what he wanted for Christmas. I had a blast with my boys and Haley was perfectly sweet and stayed asleep the whole time. The zoo is awesome and even cooler with Christmas lights and performing animals and Santa.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Just to document my insanity, I have spent the last FOREVER building lego ships and models. Why you ask? So that my boys will actually play with the ships that I bought for them, instead of constantly building their own thing, losing the pieces..... I do not have a problem with them building from their imagination, I just like to see them playing with the actual cloud ship or tie-fighter every now and then. Legos are a funny thing, they can bring my boys together and help them play happily. They can also be the down-fall of a child. Either they fight over who gets Princess Leah or the fire engine, or William gets so frustrated with not being able to connect pieces that he has huge melt downs right there in the lego pile. So, yes I spent so long trying to sort through all of the colors and sizes and shapes just to build these fun toys for the boys. As I sat there sifting through piece after piece I realized two things. My boys have taken off with a few crucial pieces to the ships and said pieces have now disappeared into that black hole all toys dread; and I am absolutely crazy to invite more legos into our house. However, me being the wise person I am, I stood by as Caleb asked his grandparents for more legos for Christmas. I will probably never learn.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend recap

Thanksgiving was great! I think one of the best parts of the day was seeing William walking around in his turkey hat. Those little hand/wings flapping around was awesome!
I spent the morning making bagels for breakfast, then making pies for dinner at the Grays. The strawberry creme pie was the best in my opinion but you would have to talk to the other 5 pies that were served. :) The other cool part of the day came when I climbed into the truck and found surprise after birthday surprise from Rob and my boys. Rob totally trumped me on the presents this year and got me a sewing machine (big surprise!), a small jewelry box, and a case to hold my glasses. What a fun birthday. And then Caleb gave me one final present at the end of the night by losing his tooth. YEAH! That thing was holding on by nothing and it looked so goofy and slightly yuck. Everyone kept telling him to just yank it out or twist it out but he was just not ready to do it. I told him that morning that it just needed to go because for heavens sake, the other tooth was already coming in. So, I was carrying stuff out to the truck to go home and as I was walking up the steps to go back in I heard a loud celebration. When I got inside everyone was cheering for Caleb because as he was in the bathroom he got enough courage to twist out the tooth and be done with it. There he was, with a big smile and a bloody hole in his mouth. He was one proud kid!

Finally, Saturday we went to the Rachiele's for one last Thanksgiving dinner, for the annual noise of that house and I was able to watch the 4th quarter of the U-BYU game (the only quarter worth watching personally). You cannot tell by this face but Haley was very excited that her team won!
Well, at least her mom was excited! Boy I tell ya, that was an awesome way to end the game, at least for U fans. Oh, Rob's birthday was pretty good too. You would have to ask Rob for details but we had the traditional birthday breakfast at our house with delicious donuts, sausage, bacon and OJ. Rob went to a movie with his dad and he had fun with that. And the boys were pretty good for him. :)
Now it is on to the next celebration and excitement. Setting up the Christmas trees, dancing to Christmas music, gingerbread house.... and trying not to eat as much sugar as I did at Thanksgiving time. :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Simply cute!

Before this week of celebrating gets under way I could not let the time slip by without a post about beautiful Haley. She is, like all of her clothes say; cute, adorable, pretty.... We love her! The boys all love holding her and the past few days she has been awake more and it has been fun to see her beautiful eyes and watch her interact with us. We have also noticed that she has somewhat of a high-strung/nervous side to her. She gets so wound-up (if that is the right way to put it) at certain times of the day. Maybe it is just a phase, we will see. She also seems like a quite, serious girl. Of course she has her moments of crying and letting us know something is not right, but I am talking about those baby sounds. Every once in a while she will make a small sound but for the most part she seems to stare and take it all in, very contemplatively. Somewhat like her dad. Every now and then I will get a glimpse of Caleb or Peter in her, but mostly I just see beautiful Haley, I love those eyes and her sweet mouth. Oh, and her hair is still one of our favorites. Ok, so I will stop bragging.
Someone very wise told me to take a picture of her each day this first year to see how she changes and grows (thanks Dacia!). Some days we just get by, but then others we get wonderful pictures of this lovely girl. We have enjoyed having her in our home and being able to love her.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nice one!

I stood in front of the counter, pointing to the cupcakes I wanted, as the cute blonde gal gathered them as requested. The aroma in the bakery was delicious, making it impossible not to buy something. As I paused, contemplating my next choice, I felt a curious tickle on my chin, followed by a small plop on my chest.

I looked down and saw a large red droplet soaking into my shirt. I looked back up at the girl, who stood quietly, watching me over the counter with a slight smile on her face. "Am I bleeding?" I asked. "Yes dad. AGAIN!" Jonah replied in an exasperated tone from my side. The bakery had several framed mirrors on the north wall, left of the counter. As I gazed at my reflection, sure enough, I noticed a large trail of blood running down from the puncture just below the lip, and dripping off my chin. 'Well those sutures are worthless,' I grunted to myself. 'And why is that girl so happy about it?'

Yes, I was privileged to spend all of my hard-saved HSA insurance money at an UrgentCare facility today. A little voice in my head reminds me, "That's what you get when you rush to meet the business end of a chain link fenced topped with coiled barbed-wire, biking at twenty miles an hour!" Hmph.

"Well aren't you the Clumsy One!" the attending physician who was to stitch me up sang out in a cheerful voice as I entered her domain. "Don't most bicyclists turn to avoid barbed-wire fences?" Ha ha. And the Utes are getting pummeled by TCU. Fan-freaking-tastic! A doctor who's a comedienne.

*Due to the graphic nature of these injuries, these photos have been heavily edited with bandages and sutures to protect the women, children, and innocent viewers.

Actually, all-in-all I was a very lucky on this crash. If it weren't for the barbwire and chain-link points, I would not have been injured much at all. As it is, my itemized list of injuries includes: a large contusion and scratch on anterior left thigh, two 4-inch scratches on anterior ribcage below left pec, one 3-inch scratch on left forearm, one quarter-inch puncture on left forearm, one 3x3-inch epidermis gash also on left forearm, a half-inch gash on chin, tiny puncture on left deltoid from the tetanus shot, one injured feel-bad and traumatized psyche due to sarcastic doctor. You know, that gash on my arm is a large enough pocket to carry a golf ball. Other than that, the only problems are the puntures on my chin and arm that won't stop bleeding.

The funniest part of the whole thing was the attending physician. She really wasn't sarcastic at all, and was quite humerous. Her biggest concern was the scarring, and she made certain to tell me in voluminous detail how she was stitching to reduce scarring. Of all the things I couldn't have cared about less. My biggest worry was making sure I received the tetanus shot.

I remember getting up from the crash, and taking inventory of my injuries and thinking that these were all superficial, notwithstanding the copious amounts of blood all over my chin, arm, clothes, and ground. I sat there musing, "This isn't so bad. If I wait until Monday to go to doctor, I'll save myself around $1500!" It was the whole tetanus thing that made me change my mind-that and the two-inch patch of exposed subcutaneous and muscle. I didn't even know about the chin until looking into the mirror and seeing a red goatee instead of the usual blond.

Well, enough belly-achin'! Following is some Halloween photos and stuff...

By the way, the cupcakes were delicious!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bili-bed rock stars!

This cute Haley girl wants you all to know she is happily bili-bed free! Yeah! She is the cutest thing ever. I have always loved watching a new baby sleep because they look so peaceful and precious. Watching a baby on the bili-bed is a little different because of the whole mask thing, but they are still cute. But now that she is off the bili-bed, why that makes things so nice. She does not have to sleep with that silly mask, she can stay up longer (much to the happiness of Peter), and she can wear the clothes that people have so generously given to her. It is awesome! Her bili-ruben levels were at a 12.7 on Friday and 8.8 today so they gave her the key to freedom. I must say I am proud of us for how good we are at the bili-bed routine. Goodbye blue glow, hello Haley girl!
Oh, and if anyone is curious about how this beautiful girl came into the world, it was fast and tiring! We got to the hospital in the morning, got the penicillin, then they broke my water, gave me pitocin (sp?) at 10:30ish, by 11:45 I was ready to go. They were frantically pumping me with the second dose of penicillin as I was pushing and she was here by 12:08 p.m. I must say, I am so glad that I do not have long labors. Whew, it was fast and I felt so tired afterward. Rob was amazing and I am so glad he was there with me. I am also glad that my doctor made it just in time and I am so glad that she is a healthy girl. We love her and love her beautiful eyes, cute little mouth, awesome hair, and sweet little smiles.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Haley Gray

Here are a few pictures of our new little Haley, born Tuesday at 12:08 pm, weighing in at 7 pounds 2 ounces, and stretching 18 1/2 inches left to right. We love Haley!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We Love this Beautiful Girl!


So here's just another cute picture and video of Rachel. We love her THIS much! Is it really hard to see why?

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A pretty much perfect day

Yesterday, Saturday, was a great day for our family. I just wanted to have some way of remembering it, for those days in the very near future when my three boys may seem discontent with their life. It started with going to soccer and cheering our hearts out. Peter did great! At times he seemed less than excited but he was there for his team the whole way and wanted to do his best. He is such a great sportsman. Caleb's game was terrific! It was the last of the season and the best. The team we played was super good but we also played fantastically. Caleb started off as goalie, allowed 2 goals but also made some terrific saves. He also knows how to kick that ball out of the area when the time comes and did good at getting it past all of the reds. Then for the second half he was at defense and he is so super good for his team. OH, he makes me proud and the games go by so fast because there is such great action and playing. Caleb made some awesome saves for the team. I mean seriously, he was right there where the action was and really did great.

Give credit to Rob for these amazing shots! I was cheering my heart out while the plays were happening. I mean seriously, isn't this kid awesome!?! Look at that face, look at the way he was ready to go at it for his team. His heart was in it my friends and it was so cool. The final score was 4-3, the other team won by a goal. A bit disappointing but the game was so good, you could not be unhappy with anyone who gave their heart out there. Plus, once the boys received their trophies, which light up may we add, that made them a bit happier.
But the day did not end there. The younger two came home for a nap, we broke out the Nutella and had some yummy bread with that and then we went swimming in the evening. The pool was basically empty so it was fun to play together and swim. Caleb enjoyed going down the slide and playing tag with Rob. Caleb and Peter had a blast splashing with Rob and even got me in on the action with sneak attacking him. William loved jumping off the edge with Peter and playing water football with Peter. The boys LOVE going swimming so we wanted to go one more time before little baby comes. It was so fun, and the water did not seem all that cold. We all walked away saying how much fun the day had been. What a great feeling! These boys are awesome, all of them including Rob. I will miss being able to be with them this much in the coming months, but little baby will add something to the family. I know. Two more days to get ready. But until then I have one more fun thing planned for these guys. On Monday night we are going to have a blue dinner for my boys. Blue rolls, blue mashed potatoes, blue drink, blue jello, plates, cups, utensils, blue balloons..... I hope they will like it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


That is what I am. Why, you ask? Because this little boy

Mr. Soccer dude, has had his game canceled for tonight. RRRRRRRRRR! Why? Oh, it rained like 2 hours ago and now it is windy with some chill in the air. But who cares I say? On Monday Caleb played in the same conditions and it was so windy at the game but they did not cancel. Plus, Peter's game is in 2 hours, things could totally change and be fine. We can bundle up, people! My kid is tough, 4 year olds can handle this! Plus, we have played in the snow before, why not some wind. Do they cancel football for a little rain and wind? NO! They play in blizzards! Oh, and you ask when did they reschedule the game for? Next Wednesday! That is a major problem since I will be in the hospital with a newborn. UGH, I do not want to miss Peter's last game! I know, you are all going to tell me that there is plenty of soccer in our future but that does not matter! I want to be there now. But I will have to resign myself to the fact that the game was canceled and just hope that they are wise enough to play on Saturday so that I can be there for one more game before the season is over for me.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rachel on a Swing

Between sessions of Conference on Sunday, we decided to take a drive out to Chagrin Falls (my favorite town AND home of the one and only Bill Watterson (author of Calvin & Hobbes). It was pretty chilly but we went for a walk anyway and let Rachel try the swing. She's a little camera shy once she sees a camera.

Mommy Circus is in Town

Another Sneeze Please!!!

Tickle Monster

Lucky for us Rachel is ticklish...kinda unlucky for her, cause she's gonna suffer from it the rest of her life!

Lip smakin' good

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Nesting Instinct

Isn't it awesome! Some of you may not relate but seriously, I have really been feeling it lately. Since finding out that our baby will be born on the 12th of October, if not sooner, I have been kicking it into high gear. I have all these projects that I have been trying to get done and now, now is the time! Of course, staying up REALLY late is not all that logical but it sure feels good to get some of this stuff accomplished.

I know, the photo may not be that great (sorry Heidi) but I just wanted to try and remember some of the things I have accomplished in the last few days. What you have here is three of the Halloween costumes (stegosaurus, T-Rex, and The Egg), scrapbook pages (I am really trying to catch up), Halloween and army guy pillowcases for my three boys, a church activity with felt shapes, and some other magnet activities that the boys can do together. Plus I am trying to stay caught up on the daily stuff but not going full force until maybe the 10th or 11th. :) I just wish that the nesting instinct would come around even when you are not weeks away from adding more chaos to your life. Where was this gung-ho feeling when I was slim and trim with life in a little bit of balance? Oh wait, I just needed the right motivation. Well, for now baby #4 is that motivation and I will be up late again this weekend preparing for cute chaos to enter our home.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The season is upon us

It is that time of year when my boys are playing soccer. I love it! I love cheering for them and watching them go out there and have fun and play hard. I have to admit that I expect a lot from my soccer players and I am probably too much talk of technique (especially at Peter's young age). I should just let them go out there and have fun, but with all my "coaching" on the sidelines and pumping them full of stuff on the ride home after they seem to be enjoying themselves. Much to their dismay however is that when one game is going on mommy is not playing with them. I am actually watching the game instead of hanging out with the one not playing. The nerve! :) OH and we are definitely getting the soccer miles on our truck. We have soccer Monday (game -Caleb), Wednesday (game -Peter), Thursday (practice -Caleb), and Saturday (games -Caleb and Peter). It is awesome! So, the stars of the show:
Caleb is awesome! He loves being active and being on the team. He has been playing defense for most of his games and really done well. He is so proud to tell everyone how he blocks the offense from getting their goal and he was really into the energy of the game yesterday. He followed the ball for most of the game and stayed in there the whole time. It was great!
Peter! Oh it is his first year and he is terrific, fantastic and awesome! Isn't this a fabulous action shot of the boy? Now, this is not just his proud mother saying this, his coach said it too; he is one of the best players on the team. Seriously, he is always out there with his strong kicking leg, staying with the ball most of the time and he never wants to come out for a break. He would play the whole time if there were not other kids needing a chance. I am not sure if it is because he has watched Caleb play and heard me talk so much soccer or if it is just the little spirit of sports in his heart but he is awesome! He knows how to go after the ball, kick it up the sidelines, stay focused (boy is that a big one!) on the ball and game. And proudly I will say that he is not one of those children that is holding hands with someone else on the field and la-t-daing it around in the grass. He is actually in the game and having fun. These boys are so cool! Just a few more weeks and then soccer will be done, the season goes by so fast. I hope they have fun, I am pretty sure they will.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Well, I'm done

And I am tired. I guess I just cannot hack it. When I was a newlywed I cleaned the whole house plus cooking lots of food every week on my day off. I remember feeling so motivated and accomplished. Now I just feel tired and I keep thinking of other stuff I should have/could have done. I know one thing, there is more square footage to this house, more laundry and more toy organizing needs at this phase of my life than there was way back when. :) But I did it. The house is clean, the laundry is done and the dishes are washed. Plus there was some other deep organizing done along the way. I should have tackled Rob's computer desk, the garage, mowed the lawn and done some ironing, but whew! I am as done as I want to be. It is clean and my boys are on their way home.

Friday, September 10, 2010

First ever Father's and Son's camp

They're off! They just left and they are all so excited. Caleb was concerned about me being alone, how sweet is that. They are all just such cute boys. I love them! So, you are wondering what are my big plans for the next 24 hours? CLEAN! Yes, that is right I am excited to go get down to business and clean this house. How sad is that? I will have no boys to mess up the other room and I will not have the guilt hanging over my head that I am ignoring someone while I am cleaning. It will be great! It is just too bad this camping trip is not a week before the little one is born. Then the house would be ready. But I will take tonight and clean this place up.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Peter's day in the sun!

This is my Peter. Ready for school, he has been ready for a couple of years now actually. But finally his day came. No more waiting and wondering when it would be here, he was ready to go. He rode his bike all the way to school, across the street and into the cul-de-sac. And please note the football shirt, Peter's personal choice and he was so excited to wear this to school. He is such a sportsman. Then I came home and Willy was so sad he would not be going back with Peter. Then when I picked up Peter he was full of information. So different from Caleb. You ask Caleb about school and he mentions one thing then has forgotten the rest. Humph! But Peter told me almost every detail, even what he played with, how the day ran, and how the other boy took his mail and then Miss Margaret made him give it back to Peter. He is such a cool kid! He came home and told Willy that "Preschool is FUN!" and then he told me "Preschool was fantastic!" What a great attitude this boy has!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


That is how Mr. Second-grader described his first day of school. He had other insightful words to share as well. Here he is this morning, ready to go.
He woke up right on time, was dressed and ready to go, with time to spare. I think the first day of school is the smoothest of the year. It is the rest of the year that you struggle to get all your ducks in a row. Anyway, he was very excited to get to school. He headed off on his bike, lunch in tow and he was all smiles.
After school I asked him how it went and his first word was terrific. Then he went on to expound. Among the things that I can remember he said that so far 2nd grade has been the best year of his education (after one day, that is pretty good). :) He said, "I learned that doing work is fun....something has changed and I enjoyed doing the seemed like fun...we got a lot of fun privileges for doing the work." Those are direct quotes from the boy. Pretty impressive. He was also excited because he did the monkey bars 3 times at recess. I hope he keeps this positive attitude about work, it would help a lot. He is supposed to take 3 things to school tomorrow that describe more about himself, things he likes or is interested in. His choices: a sunflower, a picture he has drawn, and a picture of his favorite food. Hats off to the first day of school. May they all be just as successful!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Counting down the days

Well, the days of no school are swiftly coming to an end. Sniff, sniff. Jonathan seems excited but Caleb wishes for more time off. :) So, over the last few days we have:

We met Caleb's new teacher for second grade, Spanish immersion. She is nice and bubbly. She just got home from her mission one year ago and will be a fun teacher for Caleb. I used to be this bubbly when I got home from my mission, motherhood just did something to all that uncontrollable cheer.
We had a back-to-school sleepover/party. The boys loved having time together, riding the motorcycles and jeep and just playing their games.
We took Jonah and Jonathan to Scofield this weekend for more partying. I am pretty sure they had fun together. They played A LOT in the lake. I almost ran out of dry, clean clothes for my kids. They loved sinking in the mud of the lake and they had a lot of fun on the raft. And although our cabin is on the smallish side they managed to play tag in the cabin and there were no major problems.

Finally, on Sunday we headed back a little early because Caleb wanted to take Jonathan to his cave. All of the boys enjoyed the small hike up to the cave and we discovered some smaller caves nestled into the main cave. It was very cool.
So, that is that. Any major activities are done. The only thing left to do is get these boys into the habit of going to bed earlier, and that may be the biggest challenge of all. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I so wish that I had a camera to document some of the things from this week but Rob took it to camp. I am not mad or bummed, I am sure he is taking some great photos up there, all of which will stay on the computer probably unless he does something with them. Heaven knows I have enough of my own photos to scrapbook, who needs more of scouts that have no emotional ties to me? :) Anyway, I will still document some of my small memories from this week.

The first big one is Peter riding a bike, on his own, away from the house, past other houses, around corners, and not making me take the bike back home. Folks, this is big! It is just a little three wheeler, close to the ground, one of those big wheel type jobs but made of metal and heavy. The big thing about it is Peter is doing it on his own and having fun with it. This is Peter, the kid that "Peters around" so slowly that a snail could catch up sometimes. The kid that tells me his legs are tired when we go on a walk and I either need to carry him or kick William out of the stroller so that he can ride. The kid who I generally take the double stroller on trips for just because I know that eventually he will need/want to ride and I do not want to have issues. But here he is, using those leg muscles to ride that bike around with Caleb, keeping up as best he can, and doing a good job of it. Yeah for Peter!

Another moment in time... my wonderful garden which is awesome and I love it. The pumpkin plant is taking over the back yard, the cherry tomato plants are swallowing up the squash plant and everything else around them, the squash plant is planning a take-over of the swing set, and I love fresh zucchini. Oh, and the sunflowers... they are just so happy! I am so glad they are one of Caleb's favorites.

Finally, a memory from last night. We were going to have a camp-out night in the tent, outside, just to be doing what Rob is doing. But, he took the tent to camp. Change of plans. We set up the sleeping bags in the house and settled down for the night. Finally the boys fell asleep and I crawled up on the couch to sleep myself. I know, I am rotten for getting the soft couch. :) So, nice peaceful nights sleep, right? Hardly! I wish I had a camera to take a picture of the many positions of these boys! William was parallel with his pillow, he had his feet on his pillow head somewhere else, he was off the sleeping bag, he was anywhere but in it. Peter never even made it in the sleeping bag, he just rolled here and there through the night. And Caleb has never been a stationary boy while sleeping. He did pretty good for the most part, but had troubles staying covered. At one point though, when Willy had his feet on his pillow and his head at the foot of his bag; Caleb had his head on the pillow and his feet at Willy's head. Then, I do not know 1/2 hour later, Willy had his head on his pillow and Caleb had reversed positions and had his feet on the pillow and his head at the foot of his bag. These boys just swim laps in their sleep and all that rustling and movement just kept me from my beauty sleep. It was wild!

So, Rob will be back on Saturday and then I will have the camera to document the madness of next week. The back-to-school party and sleepover, the Scofield trip with Jonah and Jonathon, then school starting. Man, I should just not have the camera, then I will not have the scrapbook the memories and I would not feel guilty about all the pictures that just sit on the computer. But to see these boys growing and smiling is fun. Even if they keep me up at times.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Addison at 9 months

We love Addison's cute personality. Whether she's blowing raspberries, curling up her tongue, arching her eyebrows, or scratching our eyes out, we have loved every minute of having her in our home. She is a sweet and playful little thing. Here are some 9 month pictures. Addison LOVES going outside on the grass.

----------------------------Holding my 2 favorite toys--------------------------

-------------------------------Eating my favorite toys-------------------------------

------------------------Mommy took a leaf out of my mouth!---------------------------

-----------------------------------Get ready for a raspberry---------------------------

------------------------------------Thanks Jonah!--------------------------------

--------------------------------------Where to next...------------------------------------

--------------------If you're Happy and you know it, Clap your hands----------

----------------------------------------Cute Baby!--------------------------------