Monday, June 23, 2008


Yep, so I am a beach bum! I don't know why, but my ideal vacation is nothing but sittin' on the beach. Maybe playing in the water. A little.

Anyway, this was our first day at the beach. The condo is about a block away, and couldn't be more perfectly situated. This was Spencer's first experience at the beach, and he is an expert at beach-tasting. The doctor says that eating beach is not harmful to his health. I guess that's a relief. Maybe eating sand on a regular basis would help his digestion.

In any case, it was pretty amusing to watch Jonah's progression in depth. On the first day, he would only get his feet wet. Each day he would progress further and further out, until finally on the last day, he made it as far as his knee level in water depth! Needless to say we were quite proud of him.

A quick comment on the pictures of Grandpa Gray: no, he did not sleep the whole day away at the beach in that one spot. It just so happened that for the few minutes I actually had a camera in hand, that was his post--holding up that rock wall. He actually took a lot of these pictures with his own camera.

Oh yeah...a couple of those houses on the beach were for sale. Bargain price of $4.99 Million.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Legoland, Vacation Day 2

Hooray for Legoland! Grandma wanted to get this out of the way so we went our first full day in CA. It was superfun and we all had a great time. It took about 10 minutes to walk from our condo to the entrance to the park, and about 10 minutes if we drove instead. Much better than the half hour plus shuttle ride at places like Disneyland. Thanks to Grandpa for the fun Legoland memories!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

San Diego Day 1

Well, we had boatloads of fun on our San Diego trip with Grandma and Grandpa Gray! Everything went off without any problems, but boy it's amazing how much luggage is added for each additional person. It is almost as if it is an exponential increase! Trying to collect it all at the luggage drop can be quite a hassle...

We stayed in a super nice 2 bedroom condo, almost across the street from Legoland. Grandpa and Grandma stayed in the condo the first night, then moved to their "regular" Oceanside condo just off the beach the next night.

Poor Grandpa was sicker than a sick puppy that first night! He slowly improved over the week, and hopefully had a great time. The rest of us sure did!

Back in Ohio...Pics from Trip coming soon!

Hey y'all! Mindy and I got back from our trip with the Jacksons to Europe last week. Jon didn't even know we left! I'm currently using my time to organize all the photos (along with studying and getting ready for scout camp next week) so that we don't forget what we saw. I'll post some once I'm done (hopefully soon)!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Bro!!

HAPPY 32ND LITTLE BROTHER (that would be Jonathan)!!!!!

So these pictures are dedicated to you, for your namesake nephew and his "enthusiasm" for scary rides...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!

Happy birthday honeypumpkin!! I love you!!
ps Happy Father's day too. ;-)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sea World

While we were down in California recently, we took a two day trip to Sea World in San Diego. It was a ton of fun even though we got rained on pretty bad the second day. Makes for even more memorable memories!! Enjoy!

Monday, June 9, 2008

We survived!

Willy B. Gray, how can you not love him?

We made it! We are still alive! It was our first trip to the grocery store with 3 boys and only 1 mommy, and we survived. I find it quite amazing myself. :) Of course I was reduced to getting one of those extremely large grocery carts. You know the ones I am talking about, there are two places for kids to sit in front, then there is the place to put the car seat and then finally there is the space for all of the groceries to go. Really they should put a "WIDE LOAD" sign on the front of the cart and the back of the mom because that is what you are. I was worried several times that I would not be able to squeeze through a space in my adventure to the store. But the point of the story is, we did it! Caleb and Peter were so well behaved, Will was THANKFULLY asleep through it all (even with a couple of rough bumps and brothers poking him every now and then) and we all climbed into the truck with no crying or tantrums. It was probably just luck on my part to have such a good experience the first time around, I do not think I will try more than one store in one outing for quite awhile. :) I think that would be pushing it.
Caleb is a very good big brother, to Will and Peter. Peter and he still get in fights, but he loves Will so much. He jumps at the chance to hold him and does not want to give him up. Peter loves Will too, just in a more rough way. Peter is just so excited about Will that he gets too touchy and likes to squeeze a lot. :) Peter also wants to hold Will but there have only been a few times when William will sit peacefully in Peter's lap, usually that is when he is asleep. They are good little boys, I am glad they have each other. Now I am off to bed to lay down and have Will wake me up in half an hour. Love you all!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

We're back!!!

Check out our blog for other entries.

So a lot has been going on in the Jon Gray family over the past 2 months. There's been 2 vacations (one yet to be blogged about), Mother's day, and Preschool Graduation (blog coming). With all the "big" things happening that I've been trying to write about, I haven't been able to post some of the fun pictures on our down time around here. You know the everyday stuff that makes life so much fun. So here's an entire entry devoted to the mundane everyday life of the Gray's.

Jonathan has a tendency to keep a pencil or writing utensil behind his ear. One day Cooper came up to me looking like this and said, "Look mom, I'm Dad!"

The first bath where Douglas got to join his big brother's. He loved it!!! Oh and he's a big time splasher! Giving him a bath one must always plan on getting very wet, even if they're outside the tub.

The kids are BIG into coloring and drawing. They love to color and then immediately put whatever they've just done on the fridge. Needless to say our fridge was always covered in multiple pictures. I was tired of the messy look, geez our kitchen is small enough as it is. But they're pictures do mean a lot and I want them to know how proud I am of them. So we bought some cheap cork boards and have them on the wall in the stairwell. They each have their own and they get to chose which pictures they want up on them. They love it!!! And I love my clean fridge. :-)

I caught Jackson like this last week. He sure was having fun.

On Memorial Day we planted our garden. Better late then never. I should have taken a picture of what it looks like now! Oh well. Things are finally growing great. We had a bit of a problem the first few days with something coming in the night and eating an entire tomato plant down to little stubs. But after putting up a small fence and replacing the plant, we're now on the road to a hopefully productive garden experience. We have planted: 3 tomato plants, 2 zucchini plants, 3 green bellpeppers, peas, spinach, and cucumbers. We'll let you know how it goes seeing how neither Jonathan or I consider ourselves green thumbs. More like yellow or brown since that's what color plants usually turn when we take care of them.

The kids loved helping us out with they're little shovels. They helped mix the dirt and then water after we were all done. Douglas on the other hand didn't have quiet as much fun. It's a bummer being the littlest!

I feel very safe with my little super hero's around.