Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blog Hog

First off I want to apologize that I've kind of messed up the blog. All the archives have been moved to the bottom of the screen, and the only way I can get them back up is if I delete my last two blogs, or until we all blog enough to get my last two blogs off the original pull up screen. But since I've put so much time into the slideshows, I figured that I'd rather you guys see them and then we can delete them in a week or so, or wait it out until they move on. Either way, atleast all my hard labor of putting together the slideshow isn't completely wasted. hee hee
We went on a Sunday drive today and were determined to make it to Rhode Island before turning around. All of the pictures are from while we were still in Connecticut. We took a road that followed the coast and saw some pretty cool old seaside towns. We even drove through a little town called Mystic. Have any of you ever seen 'Mystic Pizza' with Julia Roberts? We saw the pizza place.
Found a small lighthouse museum where we stopped to eat our picnic lunch and took all of the pictures. It was a beautiful day. So clear and the temperature was perfect. Got back in the car and drove over the state line into Rhode Island and decided we'd better start heading home. Most of the beaches along the route we took are private waterfront home properties. Not much for the public, but it was still fun to drive.
It's getting late. Love you all

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Jason said...

Sweet action!! No worries, we are just trying to get Rob and Steve to post on the blog. The East coast looks beautiful!!