Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well, you have all heard about Halloween. It was fun, my boys loved gathering candy and they loved their costumes. Well, William really did not love being taped up with all those glowys but it was fun once we were done. Rob's office also had a trick-o-treat thing on Friday so the boys went to that as well. We did not dress the boys up with their glow sticks so Willy went as a little Architect. It was so adorable !
And everyone loved the boys' costumes. There was one cubicle that the boys really wanted to avoid, they had steam coming out and a strobe light flashing. They made all the kids go past the lights and then there was a guy with a spooky mask on, it was the least favorite part of the trip. Now since November has begun we have had parent teacher conference with Caleb and he continues to make us proud. He is such a little stud in the classroom. We were told that he can be a little "chatty" with his friends but they are very impressed with how smart he is. He does great at getting his work done and he does really well with working on his own and following instructions. Senora Barker is very pleased with how well he is doing with Spanish and he is even starting to read some Spanish on his own and speaking in class with the teacher. Caleb has also finished up with his reflections project for this years competition. The theme is Beauty and at first Caleb did not want to enter a project. He was a little unsure of the word Beauty, but after talking it over and figuring out what was beautiful to him, we hunkered down and made something. Caleb said that the mountains were beautiful to him. He loves to go for drives through the canyon and look at all the rocks, trees, mountains.... He also loves going to Scofield and exploring up there. So, we came up with a 3D project to incorporate some pictures we took this summer, Caleb's talent for drawing and his enjoyment for folding paper and came up with something pretty cool.
There is a picture of Caleb at Scofield, Willy at the cabin in Manti, Caleb's cave going down to Scofield, and one of the deer we saw at Scofield this summer. Then Caleb's drawing includes a lot of details of bears, deer, elk, rivers, trees and bushes, trails going up the mountain, and an eagle and red tailed hawk in the sky. He is a great little artist.

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