Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What I am grateful for...right now

For the past two hours I have had a moment or two to think about what I am thankful for, what I appreciate about my life.

  • Top of the list- peaceful, quite moments
  • I am thankful that Rob has a job
  • I appreciate a nice soft couch that you can curl up on and be cozy and warm
  • A nice pillow to lay your head on and feel comfortable enough to sleep
  • And the absolute most important things I am thankful for, right now, are Caleb, Peter and William.  Oh those boys are wonderful and awesome and terrific!  For the past two hours they have slept soundly while their sister has screamed.  I cannot handle this girl thing, but I can handle the boy thing.  I love them.  For the past month they have been the best little guys ever.  Caleb has helped Peter and William at bedtime by reading to them and then they have all sweetly gone to sleep while I help Haley go to sleep.  They have played nicely together, done good with school, and generally been helpful around the house.  They are my smiles right now.

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