Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hitting the books X 3

Technically school started a week ago, where the alarm clock became part of our lives again and enforcing a bedtime became rotten.  But it was not until yesterday that all three of my cute boys were in school.  Wow, now even William is a school bound boy.  Life just keeps rolling along.
The 5th grader.  Look at how tall that boy is!  Mrs. Johnson is his teacher for both Spanish and English and so far so good. She seems nice and he seems to like her.  Yeah!  He is in a portable this year, which he is not excited about, but we have not heard too much complaining. 
The 2nd grader.  What a cute, excited kid for school.  Mrs. Gruer is his English teacher.  Senor Boud is his Spanish teacher, until tomorrow.  Senor Boud is moving on to International Business and Peter will be having a new Spanish teacher starting next week, Senora Barcelo.  Peter really enjoyed Senor Boud as a teacher so we will miss him.  Here's to hoping that the new teacher is just as great.
 The Kindergartner!!!  Look at that excited boy.  It is his turn to start school.  Miss Lebegue is his teacher, although all the kids call her Miss L.  He was so excited to start.  We had the option of either full day kindergarten or half day.  We chose half day.  It is nice, he gets to go learn and have fun at school and then come home and be with mom and Haley for a little bit.  Haley has missed William like crazy these last two days that he has been gone.  William seems to enjoy school.  He is not bouncing off the walls with excitement when he comes home, but he really likes his teacher.  He is bummed that he does not know any of the kids in his class but we are excited that he gets to make new friends this year, a whole year of new experiences ahead!
 Something new with this kindergartner.  I saw this on the computer and wanted to try it with William. Every year of school he takes his picture in this shirt and come high school graduation day we can look back on how he has grown physically and intellectually.  Fun times are ahead.

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