Monday, December 16, 2013

The sleepover

Cousins can be so much fun, and so loud when they are all together.  This years sleep over was fun for the boys.  Spencer even joined us this year.  When we picked them up they got to go to Cabella's and lucked out by seeing Santa and going to a shooting range for free.  Wahoo!
 When they got home we had dinner and fun robot cupcakes.
 They set up "dark town" and had fun playing together.  There may have also been a bit of bickering when part of dark town was destroyed and had to be rebuilt.
As was mentioned, cousins can sometimes be loud and certain boys needed some alone time.  At least they were happy together for the most part.
We also let the kids dye eggs for the fun of it.  Never a dull moment at the sleepover.

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