Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Number 4!

Okay, I am so far behind.  But I must remember this sweet girl's birthday before we get to Halloween.
 She woke  up bright and early so excited that it was finally her birthday!  Walking down the stairs she asked, "Am I 4?"  Such a sweet little heart.  We went to Wheeler Farm the day before and explored.  Then Sunday, the actual day of her birthday, we went to Stake Conference and then the family came over for dinner and noise.
 Haley's birthday cupcakes.  Who knew I would ever use so much red (making pink pancakes/waffles, cupcakes, frosting.....) food coloring in the space of four years?!?
 The early risers!  It was not even 7:00am and they were up and ready to help.
 Helping Haley break in a new toy.  The game soon turned into something totally different from what the manufacture of the toy intended, but at least they were together.
Another of the presents she loved was this rocking horse from Pa and a mermaid from Granny Gray.
She is also really into musical jewelry boxes.  And if you could not tell, princesses.  
 Every girl deserves beautiful flowers on her birthday.

The evening ended happily with a wrestling match between Dad, Haley and William.  Crazy times. 
Haley is all girl. And is generally nice to her brothers.  She loves pink, princesses, flowers, spinning and dancing and singing and setting up picnics on the floor.  She has started to tell me she does not want that "boy book" at bed time.  She will happily try any new food and eat what the grown-ups are having, so nice.  In fact the day before her birthday she woke up from her nap exclaiming, "Mom, I really like tomatoes." She has started to wear shoes more often, always wants a dress so she can spin or feel like a princess, still loves "Pink Hermoine" and is now really interested in school-time and letters.  But most of all she is always thinking about her brothers and what they are interested in.  IF she is picking a flower she gets one for Peter.  If she sees rainbows in a book she mentions William.  And she knows that Caleb will listen to her sing and not complain, and that Caleb will always be happy to see what she drew or her pretty dress.  She is a sweet girl who loves her family.  

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