Friday, March 25, 2016

Here and egg, There an egg....

The Gray Easter egg hunt!  What more can you say?  Hundreds of eggs.  Hours to fill each one with a coin or two, minutes to vacuum them all up and count the loot. Always a good time.
 I must say, the scattering job this year was pretty good.  It is always fun to see the sea of color spread throughout the yard.  And it was also fun to try and find places for all the golden eggs.  Each cousin gets one, so 8 spots can be hard to find.  My two favorites: the dryer vent leading out of the house, and the box where Caleb's mummified frog resides under the porch.  Hee Hee!
 The mad dash out of the house!
 These two boys faired well.  They got the most eggs and the most coins.  Go boys!
 Haley went for all pink eggs.  Spencer and Addison roamed the yard looking around for the ones they wanted.
 With all visible eggs gone it was time to search for the golden eggs.  They were perplexed. Guess I found some good spots.  Except for Jonah and Caleb, they were the first two to find golden eggs.  Next year needs to be more tricky!
Getting down to business.  
After that we hung out, ate yummy food (Addison told me that she was NOT having a sandwich, but after one bite she said, "Yum, I want another."), and the kids got down to playing games.  Fun times all around.  Happy Easter!

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