Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Give it your best, because life does not wait

We need a new picture to look at on this blog.  That one of William's nose just hurts everytime I look at it.  So, here is one of a major awesome kid, giving life his best efforts!
This kid, I am telling you, he is great!  Thursday of last week he came home DEFLATED after practice.  Coach chose the other keeper on the team to be the starter.  Caleb would be sitting the bench on Saturday and all he wanted to do was play.  We talked, a lot.  About always doing your best and trying even harder.  But in the end the thing that mattered most was that no one could take the soccer player out of him, except him.  No criticizing, no negativity, nothing could make him quit if  he really wanted it.  So, Saturday came and he dressed as a keeper, and sat on the bench.  But at second half coach told him to change into his field jersey.  So Freaking Happy.  This is big for Caleb to play on the field.  Last 10 minutes of the game coach put him in as mid and he did great!  Had a fabulous header, cleared the ball hard, drove it up the line and did everything a midfielder should do.  And he had FUN!  So awesome!  So, now begins the hard work.  Giving it his best as a keeper and practicing here at home for 2 positions on the team.  Because, life does not wait, it just keeps going.  We have to try and keep up.
And here is a picture of a little girl experiencing one of life's firsts, loosing her first tooth.  She did it all on her own.  Eating lunch after soccer and she just started twisting that tooth and out it popped.  It was already loose, that is why there were no tears.  Life with not slow down.  We just have to appreciate each day for what good and happiness it brings.
And the other two kiddos, Peter did excellent in his soccer game.  Major awesome kid.  William, was keeper in his own game and took a ball straight on to the face.  Yeah that nose, it was fine.  He popped right back up but coach had to take him out because of the whole ball to the head thing.  My kids are tough and cool.

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