Friday, October 24, 2008


Well it wasn't much of a party, but we tried our best. Jon was on call last night and ended up getting paged as we sat down for cake. And that was only 10 mins after he had finally been able to make it home. So we ate cake quickly, opened presents in record time and then he had to run. Douglas loved all the attention, and was so cute opening he's presents. He would get excited and start waving his hands around when he could see what it was. So fun!! Cooper and I sang Happy Birthday to him throughout the day and he would clap everytime we'd sing it. Jackson and Cooper called him 'birthday boy' anytime they talked to him and I have to admit, I was a bit sad. I feel like so much has happened in the last year, and I didn't like the reminder of how fast this is all going. Slow down guys!!!
The cake was a big hit (we haven't had much luck on 1st birthday messes with the last two). But Douglas didn't disappoint with getting into eating his cupcake. It may have been a quick party, but it was memorable. :)
Some stats on the little guy:
Born- 10lbs 9oz 22 1/2 inches
Now- 22.1 lbs 29 1/2 inches
Standing on his own
Feeding himself (loves turkey, string cheese, yogurt, bread, and applesauce)
Says 'mama' 'dada' (although I'm not convinced it's with any meaning yet)
Loves to yell "AAAHHHH" just to hear his own voice (thinks it's pretty funny too)
Favorite thing to do is...follow his brothers around and ruin anything they may have set up.
VERY shy
Will finally wave bye (the whole shy thing made this hard for him). But only to people he's comfortable with.
Will not keep socks on his feet.
Likes to climb (which scares me)
Loves to clap. Claps right along everytime we watch Dancing with the Stars.
Loves the introduction to movies. He gets excited, claps his hands, rocks back and forth (this is all for the THX and studio logos) but as soon as the actual movie starts, he's done. Usually never even looks at the TV again.
He keeps us all entertained and smiling, and we love him for it. Douglas, you've been a wonderful addition to our family and we feel so lucky to have you as a son and brother. We love you so much!!!


Dave said...

What a cute kid! Happy Birthday, Douglas!

Rob said...

My captions for the first picture are, "Sweet, here come the goods!" Second picture, "Who gave you the right to blow out MY candle?" And when he is looking at the frosting on his hands, that is just excitement. What a fun party! -Diedre