Monday, May 25, 2009

Gray Family Memorial Day 2009

We had a great time visiting graves for the observance of Memorial Day! Jason and Rob joined Grandpa Gray, Caleb, Jonah, Peter, and Jonathan. We missed having Jon and boys, and David. Stephen was camping, and hopefully he had a great time, as we missed him too.

We started off in the Midvale City Cemetary, visiting Elsie and Charles Peckham (see insert below).

Next we headed over to Memorial Estates on Highland Drive and visited:

-Beth Christensen (A. Russell's youngest sister)
-Dick Rands (husband of Pearl Peckham Rands, Dorothy Peckham's younger sister)
-Eugene (Gene) and Vera Paul (Vera is A. Russel's oldest sister)
-Dorothy Gene Engh (Gene and Vera's daughter)
-Burnell and Florence Jarvis (Dorothy Peckham's second oldest sister)

After that we caravanned north to SL Cemetary and visited the following:

-Dorothy and Leslie Cundick (you all remember Aunt Dorothy, A. Russel's next oldest sister).
-Dorothy and A. Russell Gray (Ed's Mom and Dad)
-Ralph and Elizabeth Gray (Ed's Grandpa and Grandma on his dad's side)
-Leona Gray (A. Russel's older sister, died 1900).
-Peter Gray (died 1900, original Gray member of church baptised 1848?, only his tombstone is visible, and he has about 5 members of his family buried with them. He came over from England in 1856 on one of the few pioneer ships that sailed from Liverpool to Philadelphia.) Coal Miner
-Evelyn and Roy Gunnerson (Evelyn was Dorothy Peckham's oldest sister, came over with Charles Peckham in 1913. Charles worked as a chiropractor/barber. He was the one cutting Joseph F. Smith hair in the basement of ZCMI, when Smith noticed his accent and asked where he was from, and where his family was. Brother Smith then came back with a check from the Perpetual Emigration Fund to pay for the voyage for the rest of his family coming from England. These included Dorothy Peckham (Ed's mother), Florence (Dorothy's sister), and Elsie (Dorothy's mother.) .

Military tombstones at the SL Cemetary:

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Jon said...

Happy Birthday Jonah! Are you really eight? Holy Mackerel! I wish we could be at your baptism. We really miss you guys.
Jon, Heidi & Co.