Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis the season

We are geared up for Christmas! I love looking forward to everything and planning it all. And having kids just makes it more fun because you kind of get to plan even more things just for them. Yesterday (the 1st) we got things going by decorating the tree, doing a gingerbread house, and dancing around to fun Christmas music. At times our attitudes were not so festive; like the time when Caleb did not want to do his homework or the time when Willy was getting into everything in the kitchen and I was in the middle of dinner. Those were not such fun moments, but the rest of the day was good. Just a few photos of our preparations:
This is our version of an advent calendar. I got some of the activity ideas from different people and the conjured up some of my own. The boys helped me color the little pictures and then I finished it off. Tonight we will be drinking hot chocolate and reading a Christmas story. It turned out pretty cute.

This is the tree before the decorations and music. Peter was so excited to be able to play with his Bambi in the tree. The vacuum tree is not up yet but it will be soon. :)

And Willy's favorite activity of the day...eating the candy from the gingerbread house. He started off being satisfied with just the graham crackers, then he moved on to a small dab of frosting on the graham cracker. But once he got a taste of those white chocolate chips there was no turning back. Caleb was less interested in the candy because he was gooping up the house with frosting but Peter and Will could not wait to get another piece.

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Heidi Mae said...

Wow, you're much more on top of things. At this point I hope we get the tree up before the end of the 2nd week of December.