Friday, January 1, 2010


Well, hello there! I guess we have all been so busy with things that well, I am just getting around to a post about Christmas on New Years Day. We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. So, here is the video clip of our AWESOME Christmas day singing time. Sorry that we only caught it in the middle, I told Rob too late to start the camera; but it is still very cool.

It was so much fun! Can any of you guess what the song was? No takers? Lullaby, lullaby my little one, the song from the Primary song book. How fitting, no? Here is the only other video that we got from the night, there were other songs performed by Caleb (2 Spanish Christmas carols), Peter ( I am a child of God), Jonah and Jonathan (song from Polar Express), Steve and Dacia.

We had fun at the Grays for Christmas. The boys loved hanging out with each other and we all enjoyed the food and time together.
As for New Years we did not even make it to 10:00pm. The boys were just too tuckered out. But they did have so much fun with their glow sticks. All three of them loved playing in the dark house and running around with their glow sticks to ring in the new year.

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Jason said...

The tube head banger song is too funny!