Sunday, February 7, 2010


We were sitting around the dinner table tonight eating pizza, and talking about Layton for some reason. Jonathan started messing around, "Layton, Layton-hey! That rhymes with Satan!"

Spencer is a little rascal. One of his favorite things to do is steal your place once you get up for whatever reason. If you're sitting down watching tv, or typing at the computer, or reading, and you get up for any reason, you come back to find him in your spot, giggling. The other day I was laying down on the floor reading a book when Addison started fussing. I got up to put her binky back in her mouth and turned to lay back down--and there was Spencer, laying in the spot I had just vacated, laughing at me. At first I thought he was taking my spot because I had warmed it up, but now I think he's just a little stinker and likes to steal my spot.

Jonah attended his first Blue and Gold banquet with the cub scouts this week. He had just received his new cub scout shirt that day, and he was pleased as punch! He posted the colors as a part of the color-guard, and was super excited to be able to handle the American flag. He's been learning a new blues piece on the piano in addition to his classical ones, and he seems to really get a kick out of it. That is the piece he constantly keeps coming back to the piano to play at odd times of the day. This morning he and Spencer were screeching at the unholy hour of 8:45am and I stumbled out of bed and downstairs to yell at him, demanding to know why he wasn't at school, and that he was late, and so on. He finally said, "But dad, it's Saturday!"

(Stupid red-eye correction feature. Red eyes or black eyes, take your pick.)

Dacia trying to coax Addison into taking a bottle.

Spencer got a hold of the camera. This is Dacia trying to coach him in taking a picture, then giving her back the camera without destroying it first.


Rob said...


Rob said...

Cool Jonah! ... what happened to your forehead?


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Awesome post!