Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grandpa Guido

Before the week passes me by and we get on to more exciting events and holidays I did not want to forget about my weekend. My Grandpa Guido Rachiele passed away and his funeral was on Friday. It was neat to be able to hear the other grand kids memories and remember the times I got to go to his store and he would let us grab as much candy as we wanted for free. I know, I was one lucky kid. He had to be one of the most well know men in Carbon County. He was the County Commissioner for eons and everyone who was anyone went to his store to talk politics or just to relax in the chairs behind his counter. The Mayor of Price even spoke at his funeral and had all kinds of wonderful things to say about him. The coolest part for me, I think, was when we were making our way to the cemetery. It is at the edge of town and so you need to drive a little ways to get there. The city sent police cars to each intersection we would cross and blocked traffic for us while we drove to the cemetery. What a great honor for my Grandpa to have him remembered as such a good man.
Well, after the funeral and food we headed over to the house and people started talking and taking the things that they wanted. My Grandpa Guido had a lot of clip-on ties. He wore a white shirt and tie everyday that he went to work. So, all of the grandsons were able to pick out the tie that they wanted to keep from Grandpa's collection. This is a picture of my boys in their Grandpa Guido ties that they wore to church on Sunday. They were so proud and excited to wear them, Willy loved showing his to everyone in Nursery. And the picture you see in the background was painted by my Grandma Dorthy (Grandpa Guido's wife).
So, here is to you Grandpa. I kept thinking at church how my Grandpa probably never thought one of his ties would make it to an LDS church but there were three of his grandsons wearing them with pride. Peter even slept with his on the night he received it. Cute, cute boys and one awesome Grandpa to remember.


Heidi Mae said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa. But what fun memories. :)

Michael said...

Thank you very much Deidre. This is very heart warming and appreciated and glad your boys wore those ties to church. There was probably extra lighttt in the church that day knowing dad was there

Uncle Mike