Friday, March 5, 2010

Sleepover success!

Ya know, there are some sleepovers that just need to end early. Kids are tired, kids are at each other, the mom is just ready. But this sleepover could have gone on longer, it just ended so that it would end on a happy note. :) I think it was the best one ever. We went to Granny Gray's house last night and that was wonderful entertainment for the boys. Then they all went to sleep fairly well and in the morning they resumed their usual play. Setting up clubs with the sleeping bags, sliding down the stairs in the sleeping bags, playing dragons and swords and portals and making up their own rules with memberships and everything. What made this sleepover great was that it snowed during the night and the snow stuck! It was also fabulous packing snow so we (excluding Jonah who chose to remain indoors) headed outdoors and built ourselves a fort. It was a great fort! The boys had fun throwing snowballs at each other with the fort, and working together. Too bad the sun came out and melted it. :( But after the fort was done we came inside and my Gray boys introduced Dacia's Gray boys to snow ice cream. It is a Rachiele family thing and it is sooo good. Well, Jonathan was not too into it but he was also complaining of cold from being in the snow.
Good times were had by all. The boys could have gone on forever, they love hanging out with each other. But like I said, I ended it simply so we could have all happy boys and they would be left with happy memories instead of someone getting too tired and then someone else crying. But goodness, the sleepover ended at 3:00pm I would think that was long enough! As we were driving away from Dacia's Caleb was on major sleepover let-down. He was so bummed that he could not be with them longer and he just wished he lived at their house. What cute boys! We love our cousins and we just wish the other three were here to play with us more (that is a shout out to you Jackson, Douglas and Cooper).

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Dacia said...

Thanks Diedre. Once again the boys had a wonderful time at your house. Jonathan has been wiped out for the last 2 days recovering. Looks like you had tons of fun. I'm glad it went well. Hope you are feeling better soon!