Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vacation time!

I will make this short because I need to go clean and organize the vacation stuff rather than sit in front of the computer. It was fun! It was filled with coughing kids and some sleepless nights (we kind of all caught a cold). But it was also filled with relaxing, lots of time with family and fun on the beach. So, on with some pictures.

One of our first activities was an Easter egg hunt after all of the family was together on Tuesday. It was awesome and left for some great memories! The eggs looked really cool with all of the colors on the sand. Then as we were waiting for the boys to come down a tractor came rumbling along and would have smashed all of our eggs had we not gone out and stopped him. Then we had some competition by the seagulls who came to open up the eggs on their own. Crazy! But fun!

The boys had a blast at Sea World. We loved the killer whale show and the shark encounter. Caleb loved the rides at the Sesame Street play ground area and Willy, Peter and I fell in love with the dolphins and got soooo close to touching some. It was a sunny and fun day.

My boys loved playing in the hot tub. Caleb was the only one that would play in the other pool, Willy would have but it was too deep for him. So, all three of them spent some time enjoying the really warm water and splashing.
Finally our last day at California was great! This was our best day at the beach and both Caleb and Peter agreed. We played in the waves, the boys searched for seashells, we wrote a message for all to see (seen in the picture), and Caleb's favorite part: he got buried in the sand! It was a family thing, we all dug the hole, then helped cover him up, took some awesome photos, and then just when his feet were falling asleep we helped him out. It was great! And now we are glad to be home. Glad to be out of the truck after that LONG drive and the boys are rediscovering their toys. :) We left when it was snowing in Utah, had beautiful weather in California, and came back to more snow in Utah. Now, off to normal life!

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