Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My awesome boys

I would title this post Happy Mother's Day but it is days past and that would not make sense. So, I will show you all how awesome my boys are (yes, I am including Rob in "my boys") and the present they gave me for Mother's Day.

A while ago I told them that for Mother's Day I wanted a gardening box to have more space to plant this year. Rob was wonderful and went to Lowe's, got the wood and spent a good portion of his Saturday putting it together. He is awesome! Then we got some really great dirt and Rob, Peter and I filled up the box. Peter was such a big help and in the first picture you can see what he and Will did after it was filled up. They went around and picked blossoms from different trees and "planted" them in my box. Peter told me, "look how pretty I'm making the garden box." They were so cute. Then the Saturday before Mom's Day we planted everything and it was so great! I love to garden and my boys are such great helps. This is the final product with our pumpkins in place. Let's hope they grow and flourish.
Then the actual Mother's Day was great. Caleb, Peter and I went for a nature walk in the morning and they had such fun. Then they sang in Sacrament and Peter was so cute with his first time. He was so confused where to go to sing but he was so sweet up there, and Caleb of course sang all the words. My boys (including Rob) are awesome and I love them all. Thanks for the great day, guys!

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El Steve-O said...

Looks good. Will there be any surprise plants this year?