Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The lastest with us

Caleb finished first grade this last week and I am pretty sure he has been enjoying the stay at home. We have had a few squabbles around these parts but they are doing pretty good. Caleb is able to sleep in, set up different games and actually play with Peter (fairly well) and well it has only been a week so the summer is still ahead of us. He did fabulous! He got all 4's on his report card and he still speaks Spanish at home even though he is not around it with school. Progress. Now we just have to wait on the school district to tell us what is happening next year. It is all just one big waiting game around here.

Willy B. turned 2! I know, this happened a few weeks ago but I am just getting to this now. So, this boy is just plain cute. A few of his highlights, he has learned so many words this past little while. The boys love to try and teach him new words and he is so excited to say them and it is nice to understand more of what he wants. As Rob says Caleb is a social kid, Peter is an athlete (although not very tough sometimes), and Willy is carefree. Willy loves to run free outside and follow his brother's examples. He makes the silliest faces, loves telling you what a tiger or dinosaur say and loves to help me cook. If I do not let him help me stir the food it is all tears in the kitchen. Finally, he is one big daddy's boy. Oh how he loves Rob!

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Heidi Mae said...

Douglas is the same way about helping out in the kitchen. Although I don't usually let him help with the actual cooking. Just the gathering of supplies, pots, pans, food from the fridge etc.