Saturday, November 20, 2010

Simply cute!

Before this week of celebrating gets under way I could not let the time slip by without a post about beautiful Haley. She is, like all of her clothes say; cute, adorable, pretty.... We love her! The boys all love holding her and the past few days she has been awake more and it has been fun to see her beautiful eyes and watch her interact with us. We have also noticed that she has somewhat of a high-strung/nervous side to her. She gets so wound-up (if that is the right way to put it) at certain times of the day. Maybe it is just a phase, we will see. She also seems like a quite, serious girl. Of course she has her moments of crying and letting us know something is not right, but I am talking about those baby sounds. Every once in a while she will make a small sound but for the most part she seems to stare and take it all in, very contemplatively. Somewhat like her dad. Every now and then I will get a glimpse of Caleb or Peter in her, but mostly I just see beautiful Haley, I love those eyes and her sweet mouth. Oh, and her hair is still one of our favorites. Ok, so I will stop bragging.
Someone very wise told me to take a picture of her each day this first year to see how she changes and grows (thanks Dacia!). Some days we just get by, but then others we get wonderful pictures of this lovely girl. We have enjoyed having her in our home and being able to love her.


El Steve-O said...

Adorable! You're right, it's nice to see her eyes. Can't wait to see her on Thanksgiving!

Heidi Mae said...

So cute! Is her hair curly like yours?