Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend recap

Thanksgiving was great! I think one of the best parts of the day was seeing William walking around in his turkey hat. Those little hand/wings flapping around was awesome!
I spent the morning making bagels for breakfast, then making pies for dinner at the Grays. The strawberry creme pie was the best in my opinion but you would have to talk to the other 5 pies that were served. :) The other cool part of the day came when I climbed into the truck and found surprise after birthday surprise from Rob and my boys. Rob totally trumped me on the presents this year and got me a sewing machine (big surprise!), a small jewelry box, and a case to hold my glasses. What a fun birthday. And then Caleb gave me one final present at the end of the night by losing his tooth. YEAH! That thing was holding on by nothing and it looked so goofy and slightly yuck. Everyone kept telling him to just yank it out or twist it out but he was just not ready to do it. I told him that morning that it just needed to go because for heavens sake, the other tooth was already coming in. So, I was carrying stuff out to the truck to go home and as I was walking up the steps to go back in I heard a loud celebration. When I got inside everyone was cheering for Caleb because as he was in the bathroom he got enough courage to twist out the tooth and be done with it. There he was, with a big smile and a bloody hole in his mouth. He was one proud kid!

Finally, Saturday we went to the Rachiele's for one last Thanksgiving dinner, for the annual noise of that house and I was able to watch the 4th quarter of the U-BYU game (the only quarter worth watching personally). You cannot tell by this face but Haley was very excited that her team won!
Well, at least her mom was excited! Boy I tell ya, that was an awesome way to end the game, at least for U fans. Oh, Rob's birthday was pretty good too. You would have to ask Rob for details but we had the traditional birthday breakfast at our house with delicious donuts, sausage, bacon and OJ. Rob went to a movie with his dad and he had fun with that. And the boys were pretty good for him. :)
Now it is on to the next celebration and excitement. Setting up the Christmas trees, dancing to Christmas music, gingerbread house.... and trying not to eat as much sugar as I did at Thanksgiving time. :)

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