Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All he wants for Christmas...

It happened. Rob wanted it to happen after Christmas so he would not have to sing that all too famous song, but it happened nonetheless. At Thanksgiving he lost the first front tooth. Then tonight we were playing a rousing game of toss the pom pom to each other ( I know, sounds like something you want to do right now), and at one point William and Caleb collided. And as fast as that I saw Caleb's other front tooth pop out onto the floor (it was already loose, do not worry). It hurt for a moment, blood was coming of course, but it was out. And now instead of just learning the Christmas songs we have been working on he may add another to the mix. So cool and crazy!

P.S. at 8:00 pm he just twisted out his other loose tooth! He was so excited about loosing that first one that he just pulled out his other one while he was supposed to be going to sleep. I told him he cannot pull out anymore, he looks pretty goofy with three teeth missing in a row. :) Plus, he is having a rough time taking bites of his food with all those chompers gone. What a funny, happy, excited kid.

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