Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Just to document my insanity, I have spent the last FOREVER building lego ships and models. Why you ask? So that my boys will actually play with the ships that I bought for them, instead of constantly building their own thing, losing the pieces..... I do not have a problem with them building from their imagination, I just like to see them playing with the actual cloud ship or tie-fighter every now and then. Legos are a funny thing, they can bring my boys together and help them play happily. They can also be the down-fall of a child. Either they fight over who gets Princess Leah or the fire engine, or William gets so frustrated with not being able to connect pieces that he has huge melt downs right there in the lego pile. So, yes I spent so long trying to sort through all of the colors and sizes and shapes just to build these fun toys for the boys. As I sat there sifting through piece after piece I realized two things. My boys have taken off with a few crucial pieces to the ships and said pieces have now disappeared into that black hole all toys dread; and I am absolutely crazy to invite more legos into our house. However, me being the wise person I am, I stood by as Caleb asked his grandparents for more legos for Christmas. I will probably never learn.

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Heidi Mae said...

haha love it! I'm glad my boys are taking a break (for the last 2 weeks) from lego's. I love not stepping on them.
Are you worried about what you're going to do when Haley gets mobile? It scares me to think of Henry and lego's. Yikes!