Monday, January 24, 2011

Lessons learned

Now by the title of this post you could assume a lot. But these are only a few tiny lessons Diedre has learned from having a girl. Please do not get too excited! Haley is after all only 3 months old, you cannot expect me to learn too much (I hope). These are more just things I have noticed about myself with a girl.
Number 1: Look at how freakin' cute and beautiful she is! I definitely love claiming my bragging rights. The lesson learned is on good pride vs. bad pride. Most of the time my pride is good but occasionally I verge into bad pride, I am learning the difference and how to hopefully stay on the good side.
Number 2: Having a baby girl with this beautiful hair is AWESOME! Yes, I have been gifted a few hair bows, but really the girl needs nothing. She is perfect with that hair, those occasional wisps coming off and the sweet little curl she seems to have.
Number 3: Dressing a girl in pink is fine. I am coming to terms with it. However, too much pink still makes me ill. There needs to be a balance in all things.
Number 4: Speaking of too much... lace... there is only so much lace that I can handle.
Number 5: Holding a baby girl in a dress is difficult. Pants and onesies are so much more manageable.
Let me think, any thing else? Ummm, start dinner way ahead of time so that you are not stuck with hot dogs or chicken nuggets or noodles multiple nights in a row. Less toys is always better for clean-up and laundry will NEVER go away. Lets just say I have not quite gotten my groove back. I wish I could say I have bounced back into a routine but it is not happening. This girl Haley likes to march to her own beat and do things on her time. No matter how much I may like to have control over the clock, she has her say. There is one important lesson I would like to learn and that is how to give all of my sweet kids the time they individually need and still be able to cuddle and smile all I want with Haley? That question is the big mystery to solve. For now though we are enjoying life's good moments and quickly getting through the hard ones.


Heidi Mae said...

What a cute girl!
Hope you get your grove back quicker then me. I'm still working on it. ;)

Jason said...

Haley sure is a pretty baby girl!