Saturday, January 15, 2011

A pat on the back

I am pretty proud of myself right now. I actually was able to get the kids in bed and then I was able to check off project 1 of 3 for Peter's birthday. Yeah! There is still a little bit more to do on it so that is why there is no picture, but I will post a picture of said project when it is done (if it turns out good). I am pretty pleased with it so far. Especially since the first go-around it got ruined in the washing machine by some stray tissue or cotton ball that I was clueless about. But this second attempt is going no where near the washer. This baby is staying safe, at least until my boys get ahold of it and then there are no promises. Now I am going to bed, I should stay up and work on project 2 since I do not feel tired but I know that tomorrow I will kick myself. So, project 2 will wait until the next creative bug hits, which will hopefully be tomorrow night after my kids are sleeping sweetly.

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