Monday, July 11, 2011

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ

Jonathan and Caleb were baptized on Saturday and it was an awesome day! The weather was beautiful when we needed it and the Spirit was felt strongly. It was wonderful. Looking at this boy's picture and I am so proud of him! He is such a special boy to me and I have had so many prayers for him and he had a perfect baptism. He felt the spirit, he felt special and loved and he had fun; what more could you ask for? We sang the "rainbow" baptism song ("When I am baptized") and Peter gave the opening prayer, so sweet. Those two things at the beginning of the service really brought the spirit. Then Granny Gray gave such a perfect and beautiful talk on baptism. She had a picture for each of the steps we need to take from birth to baptism to the temple, until we return to Heaven. Some of the others included being kind, repenting, sacrament, family home evening; she did a wonderful job. I especially liked how she emphasized that we be obedient to all of the commandments, not just the ones we like or the ones that are easy. All of the cousins sang "I am a Child of God" and it was very touching. Then Grandpa Spann gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. Then the boys were baptized. Caleb wanted Jonathan to be baptized first so Caleb went second. He was so excited to go in the water. And after he came out of the water and he was leaving the font he exclaimed, "This is fun!" What a cool kid! I love him! The boys took a L O N G time in getting dressed and coming back out but while we waited each person took a card and wrote down some thoughts for the baptism boys. When the boys were confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost it was very special. I will not write down the specifics but I will say that Rob is a man very close to the spirit while using the Priesthood and he always chooses his words carefully so I know this confirmation came from Heavenly Father. After trying to take some pictures outside we headed home to get ready for the "dunking party."
Look at those cute kids, wiggles and all.
Thanks to whoever took this great picture.
Okay so about the dunking party. I have had this thing planned since last year. Yes, I plan ahead. Since Jonathan and Caleb were getting "dunked" I wanted us to eat all foods that would be dunked. So, the menu included French Dip sandwiches (homemade and yummy), veggies and dip, oreos dunked in milk, and for fun #8 cookies. It was so much fun. Everyone came over that was at the baptism and we just talked, ate and hung out together. It was a fabulous day. When I asked Caleb how he felt he said, "great"..."perfect"..."really happy." I am so glad that he had such a special day. I also asked him to write down his feelings and thoughts of the day, so he would not forget. This is what he wrote, "When I was baptized I remember watching Jonathan being baptized and I could not wait to be baptized. I was baptized after Jonathan. I remember it was fun, exciting, awesome and my ears were cold ever since I left the water." How funny is that? Oh, the things that a child remembers. One other funny tid bit from the baptism. Dacia said that they had problems keeping the water warm while filling the font. They had to keep resetting the controls to keep the temperature warm. But in the end the water was like 85 or 90 degrees, pretty cozy. But every person (basically Rob, Jason, Jonathan and Caleb) you talk to that got in the water says the water was cold at their feet and ankles but warm the rest of the way up. Huh? I cannot explain that. That aside it was a great day. We felt the spirit so strongly and I am so glad that Jonathan and Caleb could be baptized together. It was also neat because their cousin Jackson and his family traveled from North Dakota to be here for the baptism. We have such a terrific family! They are so supportive and fun. We really are blessed.

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