Friday, July 15, 2011

Meeting your deductible is not something to boast about

Well, thanks to my children I believe that we have met our deductible this month. Caleb and Haley both had well-child check ups, those went well. Haley, for those of you who do not know, broke her collar bone the first week in July and we made a special trip to the hospital for some lovely x-rays. She is fine, but our bank account could be doing better. And now for today's adventure.....

That is Peter's head with two staples placed there to hold the wound together. Ack! Haley woke up this afternoon and I went upstairs to get her. Peter has this thing he does where he hides somewhere in the room and tries to surprise/scare you when you walk back downstairs. Unfortunately for his head he chose behind the couch today, which is right by the fire place. Dun...dun...dun. I walked in to the room, he popped out of his hiding place only to crack his head on the fire place and yes, blood came gushing and pain ensued. I gathered all children together and we made a trip to the insta-care to have it taken care of. He was so brave and strong. He did not like those staples one bit and he is not fond of keeping them in for 7 days. I just hope he does well and no infections come because we are traveling to Scofield this week. And his hair is in desperate need of a hair cut, but that will just have to wait. I feel so bad for him! He does not want to tell anyone about it, the only way I got this picture is because he wanted to see what it looked like. And it is only the middle of the month! I think we need to take it nice and easy the rest of the month and play it safe. Oh, and I am definitely rearranging the furniture tonight to avoid any future collisions with the fire place. Life can be such an adventure with kids!

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