Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Party

We had a combined party for Addison and Haley since their birthdays are so close together. We got together at Wheeler Farm and while the kids had fun eating cupcakes and playing the rest of us had fun just talking with each other.
Addison received this cute bike that she seemed very excited about! She is so cute with her enthusiasm for everything.
Haley slowly caught on that people were giving her things and she was genuinely excited about it all. Even the clothes she was given were fun because of how soft they were or the pictures she saw on them.
Then came time for the cake. Dacia made these awesome sunflower cupcakes with ladybugs, there were very cool. This is the cake the boys and I made for Haley. Not bakery worthy by any means but it did the job. William helped make the butterflies, Peter helped with her name, and Caleb helped with the frosting and other assembly projects. A nice group effort for such a cute girl.
Now for the eating. She was not too into the texture of the cake. She kept trying to share it with me but did not like the feel of it on her hands. Eventually she started squishing it in her hands but she did not want to taste it. Only after we gave her a fork did she try a sample of the cake.
Once she was cleaned up we headed out to see the farm animals, which is the main reason we had the party at Wheeler Farm. Haley loves animals, birds that fly over head, books of animals; so it was appropriate that her first birthday was there. She loved looking at all the animals and having so many fans around to wish her a happy day. It was really a lot of fun to be with our family and enjoy the day. Plus the weather was perfect for the party. Horray!
Upon arriving home and unpacking the loot from the truck Caleb professionally styled Haley's hair with a number of the clips that were given to her. She looked Beautiful! Happy Birthday, Haley! We love her smile, the way she talks and has her own way of saying things, her bright blue eyes, and when she lets us snuggle with her in our arms. We also love that is a little rock star, music is something Haley loves. She is a wonderful addition to our family.

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Alisa said...

She is so darling. What a fun idea to go to Wheeler Farm--we went there SO much when our kids were little.