Thursday, October 20, 2011

We are making progress!

The most important part of this post is of course this awesome girl and that she started taking real steps today! WAHOO! She is up to three! They are still shaky steps and she plops right down afterward, but they are steps! We are so excited. And so is she. After she would walk she would crawl around the room, prancing almost, "with a swing in her waddle." It was great.

Now for the other bit of progress. Being as it is no school for the next two days we decided to conquer the reflection projects that are due in November. The theme is "Diversity is..." and Peter decided he wanted to make a tree house. Huh? I sat puzzled as to how we could show diversity with a tree house. Then it came to us. With all these beautiful fall leaves around we would glue the "diverse" colored leaves to his rockin' tree house and call is awesome! The boys helped cut the twigs, I wired them together. We all glued it to the base then we went on a fall leaf hunt for wonderful, diverse colors. Then we came home and Peter chose which leafs to use and I glued them on in a beautiful fashion (if I do say so myself). We of course had to have a rope ladder, which was properly glued on and, Done! We all think it turned out great and whether or not it fits with the theme this year, we had fun making it. Now tomorrow we will finish off Caleb's project (he has to decide between two) and he will be ready. Caleb also has some sweet ideas for this year, I hope them come out just as cool as we envision.

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