Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oceanside 2012

It is hard to narrow down a week long trip into a few sentences.
While reading this you will see that we got to see some dolphins. I think that was one of the highlights of the trip. We saw probably 10 or so dolphins, gently riding the waves and going around the pier. Then at one point they picked up speed and went to jump the waves with some surfers. It was so fun for all of us.
Caleb's favorites were: playing at the pool, playing with his cousins, seeing the dolphins and seal at the pier, playing in the condo and going to the beach.
Peter's favorites were: Watching "How to Train your Dragon," the Easter Egg hunt, the palm trees and surfers, and seeing the dolphins and the seal.
William's favorites were: Watching the surfers, seeing the dolphins, drawing in his vacation journal, watching "how to train your dragon" and playing with his cousins.
Haley's favorites were: Walking on the pier, seeing the pelicans, and playing on the beach.
Rob's favorites were: Taylor guitar factory, watching the pelicans dive into the water to catch fish, and being with his family.
Diedre's favorites were: Walking on the pier, playing with my kids on the beach, the Easter egg hunt on the beach, seeing my funny footprint in the sand, playing croquet with Caleb our final day, seeing the sunset our final night there, and seeing the dolphins!!!
Haley walking on the pier, she enjoyed putting her fingers in her ears.
Our visit to the Mormon Battalion, the boys enjoyed panning for gold.
Haley enjoyed the sand, surfers and the waves.
More of the ocean. That is what we went for.
Rob's sandcastle that lasted long enough to get a picture. No the waves did not destroy it, little kids did.
All of the boys loved the pool and the hot tub. Caleb would have stayed there all day if given the choice. However, the wind off of the beach made it rather cold poolside.
The Gray Egg Hunt
Croquet on the beach.
Diedre's unique footprint. So cool.
Right before we left for Utah. One more time to look at the pelicans, watch the surfers and see the ocean. It was a great vacation, it was so fun to see everyone and spend time together.

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