Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Welcome to the family

Back in March William received a gold fish from his primary teachers.  It was given the name of Twilight and we have taken very good care of it.  Twilight survived the many trips back and forth from the cabin this summer.  He has even grown.
Well, now we have two more.
 Last night our neighbor, Larry, came over with a bucket; a gift for the boys.  Upon inspection we saw the above two little fish inside the bucket.  Larry has a pond in his backyard and his fish had babies.  Larry thoughtfully fished two of them out for Caleb and Peter and now, they are part of the family.  Oh boy, can you feel the stress I am now under to keep three gold fish alive?  It is pretty intense.
 Anyway, Caleb named his Brownie and Peter named his Harry Potter.  Very cool.  This morning William, Haley and I went out in search for new homes for them.  We found a good deal on the tanks, had to get a bunch more gallons of water for changing the water when it comes time, and now they are in their places of honor in the kitchen.  Do you like the tank decorations?  Twilight also got a bigger tank because he needed it.
After school we had a snack of chocolate frogs (to welcome Harry Potter) and brownies (to welcome Brownie).  It was messy and fun and good.  And boy do I hope these fish live long, healthy lives.  These boys are counting on it.

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