Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall colors and dirty kids

Yesterday we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather, and the fact that the boys had all of the their homework done early, and drive up the canyon to look at the beautiful changing colors.  The boys were excited to point out all of the reds and golden , and they were especially excited to get out of the truck and do some hiking.
 Our first stop was by a little river with pretty red trees and rocks to throw.
 I could not help but take a picture of these cuties surrounded by the golden trees.
 And when we spotted this large evergreen surrounded by a beautiful red we had to stop.  Plus it provided for good climbing and testing of the boys' skills.  It had also rained recently and so the hill side was fresh with wet dirt.  Hence, our newly cleaned truck was no more clean and the boys were loving it all.  Caleb made it up with no problems.  Peter made it up with only a few struggles.
 It is Willy who has not yet mastered the mountain climbing yet.  He needed a little help from Caleb and I laughed as I watched Caleb get behind William and push him up the mountain.  What a good big brother!
 William was pretty muddy and proud of it.
We found one more hiking spot before going home.  Caleb again climbed up effortlessly and delighted in getting to the top of everything.  It was a beautiful and fun afternoon.  And the boys want more of it.

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