Sunday, June 2, 2013

A less than harmonious Bro-Sis Day

The day started out happy and great.  I woke up the boys and Haley so they could eat a yummy breakfast, get dressed in their awesome shirts and make their crowns.  They got along well at making the crowns and look so happy together in this picture before breakfast.  And no, I did not plan on them wearing all red shorts.  They did that on their own, I only plan the shirts. :)
After school we headed out to go bowling.  They were all excited to go bowling but the car trip up there was less than happy.  Tired kids in the truck along with being grouchy one time and they were at each other the whole trip.  But once we got to the bowling alley with the lights and music and showing off their cool shirts to the nice ladies at the alley, they were happy once again.
 Haley and Peter were grooving to the music and jumping up and down each time it was their turn.

 Peter did really good.  Granted we had the bumpers up and used that little ramp thing to help the ball go faster, but Peter managed to get 3 strikes and at least 2 spares.  In the above picture you see Peter giving William a hug because when Peter thought it was his turn he got a strike.  But it was really William's turn so Peter had scored a strike for William.  So awesome.
Haley loved bowling and pushing her ball down the lane.  I will admit though that two games was too much for Haley and William.  Peter and Caleb were fine playing the full two games.  Haley and William were done about half way through the second game.  
 Peter won both games and was so excited about it all.  All of them did really well.  
When the time came to get back in the truck and go home the bickering began again.  Tired, hungry, and I do not know what else was happening and they were grouchy. They could not agree on what game to play together when we got home, ate dinner okay, and went to bed with a less than grateful feeling in their hearts to be a family.   What are you going to do?  Sometimes they fight, sometimes they play but together as a family forever they will stay.

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