Thursday, June 20, 2013

The return to Awesome!

So, we took a trip to Scofield the week before Father's Day and it was awesome!  Jonathan came with us and the boys loved it.  Time spent together, exploring, making up games and playing in the water.  Not to mention seeing some wildlife here and there, it was like it always is, the best place for summer.
 Cousin power
 The boys spent many an hour at the lake.  Caleb is the master at getting around in the tube.  Jonathan, no so much.  Jonathan found that he liked just swimming around on his own.  Peter was the brave dude and jumped off the dock many times.  William is still finding his comfort zone in the lake and deep water.  Haley got in a few times but was more content to prevent me, Diedre, from playing in the water with the boys.
 Here you can see Caleb's ability to maneuver the tube.  He has some serious leg power to go against the waves and go where ever he wants.
 Exciting times when we saw 4 deer come right down to the lake to drink in the middle of the day.
 Love these boys!
The best sighting of all was when we saw a bear!  Do not worry.  We were in Clear Creek on an adventure drive and we were in the truck.  We were totally safe.  Eagle eye Peter saw the bear first and we stayed a while to watch it.  It was right in by all the houses and the little town had seen it in the dumpster and it also got into one man's bee hives.  What fun to explore and experience new things.  This is what summer and family time is about!  Next up: Caleb's birthday.  That will definitely be fun.

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